Daily Archives: February 16, 2010

The Cake That Refreshes

Why my neighbors are more awesome than yours: Because one of them — Alisha — made me this cake. Which is no ordinary cake. It is, in fact, a Coke Zero cake. Yes, yes. Made with the refreshing zero calorie goodness of Coke Zero! Although the cake itself is not calorie free. That would be […]

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Me Stuff, 2/16/10

Some notes: 1. I have now officially caught up with e-mail from the last two weeks, so if you’ve sent me e-mail in the last couple of weeks and was hoping for a response but did not get one, go ahead and resend your e-mail. The exception to this is Big Idea proposals — I’ve […]

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Just Arrived, 2/16/10

What came in before the snow walled us in again: * The Lost Fleet: Victorious, by Jack Campbell (Ace): Sent this in ARC form. I do believe this is the final book in the very successful “Lost Fleet” series, so Campbell fans, gird yourself. This one comes out April 27. * Guardian of the Dead, […]

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The Big Idea: Alexey Pehov

Here we have a first for The Big Idea: Our first translated essay. Alexey Pehov writes in Russian, and in Russian, he’s done very well, winning awards and racking up sales over the last decade with his Chronicles of Siala series and other novels. Now his debut novel Shadow Prowler, the first of the Chronicles […]

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