Me Stuff, 2/16/10

Some notes:

1. I have now officially caught up with e-mail from the last two weeks, so if you’ve sent me e-mail in the last couple of weeks and was hoping for a response but did not get one, go ahead and resend your e-mail. The exception to this is Big Idea proposals — I’ve got a couple of those I’m still mulling over, so don’t send those again.

2. Speaking of The Big Idea, one thing I want people to remember is that to be considered, books have to be offered to brick and mortar bookstores on a returnable basis, i.e., the traditional sort of set-up that bookstore take books from publishers by. If your book is not returnable, I’m not at all likely to say “yes” to your Big Idea proposal. Yes, this is my way of weeding out the self-published or vanity published. If I make an exception it’s for exceptional reasons which show real innovation — for example, in the near future I’ll do something with an iPod/Kindle-distributed graphic novel. But exceptions are called “exceptions” for a reason.

3. Subterranean Press noted today that The God Engines is going into a third printing and that TGE is now my largest-selling SubPress title, both of which I think are pretty damn nifty. Thank you. Subterranean also notes that if you’re still hankering for a first edition, they themselves have a few left, but you better get on it.

4. As most of you know my 2010 science fiction convention is intentionally sparse, but 2011 is beginning to fill out a bit: Specifically, I’ll be the Guest of Honor at Capricon 31, in Wheeling, Illinois (suburban Chicago) next February 10 – 13. Joining me are John Picacio as the artist Guest of Honor and Janice Gelb & Stephen Boucher as fan Guests of Honor. Here’s the Capricon Web site, although at the moment it’s still showing information from this year’s convention. No other firm 2011 commitments at this point, but when/if there are I’ll post them.

That’s me today.

21 Comments on “Me Stuff, 2/16/10”

  1. Congrats on the third printing of The God Engines. I picked one up early and really enjoyed it. Very different from your usual (and very cool too!).

    I’m also curious about the ebook graphic novel. They seem like a completely wrong fit for a Kindle — monochrome screen? — but a perfect fit for the IPod (touch version) and coming iPad.

  2. Ok, fine. I just bought The God Engines. I was intrigued by the first chapter you posted. This is my first fantasy story. Be gentle.

  3. Good job on the third printing of The God Engines. Can you say how many were printed in each run?

    Also, if you get the urge to go visit that universe again, well, you know what they say about temptation – the only way to be rid of it is to give in to it.

  4. Why do you hate self-published and vanity books? You clearly don’t understand what it’s like for a young author these days. You’re a terrible person who is wrong, wrong, wrong!

    Damn you for keeping people who already don’t have an agent or publisher down, John Scalzi, damn you.

    (I figured I’d get those talking points out there so nobody else has to. I’m quite fond of the books you feature in the “The Big Idea” and would like to continue to feel this way, so I’m disinclined to want to argue with your qualification process)

  5. I was a little unsure about The God Engines but I quite enjoyed it. And I’m a picky reader when it comes to fantasy novels.

  6. Just as an FYI for Capricon, we’ll be putting up our “Thanks for coming page” this week, including photos, and we will also include the basic info for Capricon 31. The full Capricon 31 website goes live no later than April 1, which is our fiscal year turnover.

    I can tell you, John, that there was much “squeeing” at Closing Ceremonies this year when it was announced that you were coming next year! We’re looking forward to it!

    Helen Montgomery
    Chair, Capricon 30: Celebration!

  7. And Helen beats me to it. Yes, we’re leaving the Capricon 30 page up for a bit, because we loved the con so much we didn’t want to leave*.

    Details and a link to the splash page will be up soon — the machinery is in motion, even as I type.

    Erik V. Olson
    Chair, Capricon 31: Escape!

    *Except the planet kicked us off.

  8. What do you mean by “The Big Idea”? I see you post about other authors when they have new books coming out. Do you own a book store?

  9. I had a chance finally, to sit down and read The God Engines last night, and I enjoyed it very much. I think you created a very strong universe that is ripe for exploration. I hope we get to see you do that in the future. Also, I really enjoyed the artwork that was included throughout. That, together with tight style made for a very well-paced read.

  10. Score! Thanks for agreeing to Capricon 31, John. I just got back from an amazing weekend in Chicago, Capri 30, where GoH Rob Sawyer and others had some very excellent panels and discussions.

    Look forward to seeing you there!

    As a side note, do you have any thoughts about future works in The God Engines universe?

  11. Just finished TGE. You, sir, rock as a writer! I enjoyed it very much. The format (font, layout, etc.) were sumptuous, and the illustrations magnificent. My only disappointment was the editing; they let you down. Too many missing words! Regardless, very highly recommended.

    Oh, and I vote for more in this universe, as well.

  12. Not only was there much squeeing when you were announced as GoH for Capricon 31, one concom member who had previously announced their retirement as of the end of Cap 30 immediately un-resigned.

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