Daily Archives: February 17, 2010

Just Arrived, 2/17/10

The UPS dude rolled up at 7:30pm with a stack of packages. What was inside? * I Am Not a Serial Killer, by Dan Wells (Tor): Well, if he’s not a serial killer, what’s that body doing behind the laundromat? Well? I do like the note in the introduction of the book, from Wells, to […]

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From the “How Cool is This” Department

A few months ago my French publisher L’Atalante asked me if they could use my short story “After the Coup” for a giveaway chapbook to promote their line (and my books). I said “sure” and then promptly forgot about it until this afternoon, when in my mail were a couple dozen copies of the chapbook, […]

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Various & Sundry, 2/17/10

Bits and pieces: * You know, I haven’t been following the Olympics at all, because I don’t much actually care, but I have to say the Norwegian Olympic Curling Team’s pants deserve a medal. For something. * I’m also delighted to discover that (for now, and in Florida) students are still allowed to criticize their […]

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