Just Arrived, 2/17/10

The UPS dude rolled up at 7:30pm with a stack of packages. What was inside?

* I Am Not a Serial Killer, by Dan Wells (Tor): Well, if he’s not a serial killer, what’s that body doing behind the laundromat? Well? I do like the note in the introduction of the book, from Wells, to his family: “let me please reiterate this book is not autobiographical.” Hmmmm. Wells, I should note, will be offering up a Big Idea essay, in which he will incriminate explain himself, the day the book drops, which will be at the end of March.

* Gardens of the Sun, by Paul McAuley (Pyr): The follow-on to McAuley’s very highly regarded novel The Quiet War, which was nominated for the Clarke award. This is out March 23.

* The Passage, by Justin Cronin (Ballentine): The ARC cover to this book is every major and minor HarperCollins executive squeeing about how awesome it is, so I guess the company’s behind this one. Must be nice. It’s apparently a postapocalypic vampire trilogy, which makes me think of someone pitching it to a movie company: “It’s Twilight! Meets The Road!” Let’s hope it’s not, you know? This one is coming June 8.

* Ghost Radio, by Leopoldo Gout (Harper): Aside from its author having the most Dickensenian author name in a while, this debut novel features a tale of ghosts, poltergeists and call-in talk radio. Nifty. Out next week.

* Earth Strike: Star Carrier: Book One (Eos): Author Ian Douglas is apparently buying colons in bulk for the titles of this military science fiction series, in which the star carrier America faces down some very bad alien bad guys coming to destroy us all. You know. Like they do. Also out next week.

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  1. Quotha our Host:

    * The Passage, by Justin Cronin (Ballentine): The ARC cover to this book is every major and minor HarperCollins executive squeeing about how awesome it is, so I guess the company’s behind this one.

    Last I checked, Ballentine was an imprint of Random House. Am I failing to get something here, or could you explain whence the squeee from another publisher?

  2. “I Am Not a Serial Killer” is ace. I have the pleasure of living in the same state as Dan and grabbed a copy of the UK version last year at CONduit. I can’t wait to grab the sequel at this year’s CONduit.

  3. I planned on getting the Ian Dougla book. And since I now has a nook was going to get it for an ebook.

    Go figure. Get a ebook reader and buy ebooks.

    Alas the publisher does not want my money.

    Not because they will not release it as an ebook but because they are stupid.

    Book (in paperback) $7.99 (or $7.19 right now at B&N (not going to mention that other place))

    eBook? $10.27.

    Now this is not a book that was 1st released in hardcover. So it will be released in paperback first and ebook. So its not a HC ebook price but a PB ebook price.

    So why should someone buy this in ebook?

    Eos is Dumb. Or HarperCollins.

    So I went ahead and purchased another book from Baen (at $15 because it is an eARC) to read instead.

    Sorry Ian (or Bill Keith in reality) Your publisher is not that in touch with reality.

  4. I sincerely hope that not every book thread has kvetching about ebook pricing. Because you know that would bore the living shit out of me to have that. I am just saying.

  5. Don’t worry, I’m old enough (mid-60’s) to fall into the “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” category, and I still prefer my reading material on paper. Ideally in mass-market paperbacks, if available, since they typically cost around a third less than trade equivalents and are a fair bit smaller (bookshelf space is at a premium here).

  6. Mindless complaining about ebook pricing does get old but he makes a good point. I don’t look forward to a day of no paper books; doubt it would come to that. But the ebook medium should be embraced. By publishers and authors. Not as a replacement; just an alternative. I recently bought an ebook reader and it has jump started my lost love for reading. It is the reason I ran into Scalzi books and became an instant fan. Even started following “Whatever” and I’ve never followed a blog before. Just my thoughts is all; not trying to instigate an argument.

  7. I’m sorry, I guess I was too subtle about it. Let me rephrase:


    Hopefully now my intent is clear on the matter.

  8. Just Arrived at the critter42 household 2/17/10
    (no pictures, alas)

    * The God Engines by John Scalzi

    * Judge Sn Goes Golfing by John Scalzi

    Funny note is that USPS shows the package being delivered 2/16/10, but it didn’t actually show up on my doorstep until 2/17/10 (and it wasn’t misdelivered – I checked with my neighbors).

    Second funny note is that I COMPLETELY missed the part about Judge Sn being signed – I knew it was a limited edition, but I was pleasantly shocked that it was signed. Hopefully I can get that sig personalized at a con at some point :)

  9. I am not a serial killer is indeed hilarious!! I bought the UK version, as I am living in Germany. So kudos to Dan Wells, and John, have fun with that brilliant book!!

  10. Ha ha! Great commentary on the books in this post.

    I might steal that Twilight meets The Road idea. Except.. then I might have to read The Road..

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