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Nebula Award Nominations to Be Announced Tomorrow

Science fiction fans, try to be somewhere near a computer at 10am Eastern tomorrow, because SFWA will be making its formal announcement of this year’s nominees for the Nebula, Norton and Bradbury Awards. The Nebulas will cover novels and short works, while the Norton covers young adult works and the Bradbury covers dramatic works. And […]

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The Big Idea: Alex de Campi

And now for something a little different: The Big Idea focuses primarily on books and their authors, but I think it’s fun to mix things up from time to time and hear from folks trying new ways to tell their stories and get them out to readers. Alex de Campi, along with her collaborator Christine […]

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Inglourious Basterds: Is It Science Fiction?

That was the question I was asked on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. I gave a Twitter-sized response at the time, but now I expand on the answer (considerably!) in this week’s AMC column. Go on, you want to know the answer. Also, since I forgot to mention it yesterday, I also participated in […]

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