Nebula Award Nominations to Be Announced Tomorrow

Science fiction fans, try to be somewhere near a computer at 10am Eastern tomorrow, because SFWA will be making its formal announcement of this year’s nominees for the Nebula, Norton and Bradbury Awards. The Nebulas will cover novels and short works, while the Norton covers young adult works and the Bradbury covers dramatic works. And I know you’re just itchin’ to find out who’s been nominated. Well, so am I. And we’ll all find out together, now, won’t we. The initial announcement will be posted the SFWA Web site. See you there. And yes, please feel free to pass on the information.

5 Comments on “Nebula Award Nominations to Be Announced Tomorrow”

  1. This year there have been several changes, in the way nominations are handled, the lack of juries for all awards except the Norton, the way nominees are notified, and the fact that last year the Bradbury was given for a body of work, but this year it is being given for a specific film, the award formerly known as the Nebula for Best Script.

  2. Are the hugo and nebula awards considered to be on the same level? So if you win one it is as good as winning the other?

    These are the top 2 sci-fi awards right?

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