And Now, a Nebula Awards Geek Out Moment

Like, I’m totally friends with loads of the Nebula nominees this year. No, seriously! I know them personally! How cool is that? I know Nebula nominees, people. They let me hang out with them. They tolerate my presence. I’m full of the nerd-squee at the moment for each and every one of them, and plan to bask in the reflected light of their awesomeness.

Okay, I’m done geeking out. But honestly, the best thing about the ballot this year is being in the company of so many of my friends, who are also such good writers. This is my peer group, and I couldn’t possibly be happier about that.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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hmm…I understand your geek-out moment John, but I don’t think this sort of post helps the Nebulas’ out in regard to their biggest critcism – that they are just a popularity contest in the SFWA.

Overall, I’d say they this ballot looks strong and it should be able to move beyond that criticism (though I can’t speak much to the short fiction), but this post made me go hmm….

The nominees are all very strong this year, and hopefully will move the Nebs past their reputation for being irrelevant and out of touch. Of course, I hope they shore up their artistic cred by giving the dramatic award to ‘Moon,’ as much pressure as there’s going to be from the ‘Star Trek’ fanboi contingent.

I hope they shore up their artistic cred by giving the dramatic award to ‘Moon,’ as much pressure as there’s going to be from the ‘Star Trek’ fanboi contingent.

As much as I’m a trek fanboy (contributor to the rec.arts.startrek.* FAQs, novel character named after me, etc.), I have to say that I think the Trek movie is the weakest of the nominated films. And I still liked it.

Hm….I think that’s really kinda cool, thinking about it.

I think we should be much, much more concerned about whether — during his impending year (or more!) as SFWA Overlord — he lets the nominees hang out with him. Bwahahahaha!

So now we know the real reason why John is running for SFWA president: He gets to hang out with nebula nominees.

All kidding aside, congratulations on the nominations.


John, I’m sure you realize your Big Idea posts sell books. I bought Boneshaker specifically because of Cherie Priest’s Big Idea a few months back.

Cherie, I think you owe John a beer.

Although I heard about John from Wil Wheaton, so really, the trickle down effect is that you owe Wil Wheaton a beer. ;)

Is The God Engines eligible for a hugo nomination? I see that it technically came out in 2009 even if it was right at the end of the year.

And you can never be sure if there is some SMOF codicil to a bylaw drafted at the 11th hour in a smoke-filled room (well probably not any more these days) which renders it ineligible.

Also, awesomeness that is the world of awards, I’m friends with a Norton nominee. Congrats to Cat Valente for the first ever digital only free book to have been nominated for a Norton award.

And to my KGB friends, Norah Jemisin, Rick Bowes, and my workout buddy, Laura Anne Gilman.

And to you too, John.

This is where the power of the community really shines. Because I went to see our host on a panel at the Decatur Book Festival a few years ago, I was introduced to the awesome works of both Cherie Priest and Tobias Buckell. Which in turn lead me to not only buy up their novels post haste, but to see Cherie in a zombies versus vampires panel at DragonCon this past year (go vampires!). Good luck to all the nominees. I’m certain winning would be nice, but picking up fans from posts like this is surely a wonderful reward as well. :-)

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