Final God Engine First Editions — Signed! — at Subterranean Press

UPDATE: All signed first editions gone! Additional, unsigned later edition copies are still available for order. Also, thank you.

Last week Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press sent to me the final box of the first trade edition of The God Engines, and I signed those suckers and sent them back. And now they’re for sale at Subterranean Press. So if you’d like to get a first edition of TGE, signed no less, you’d better head on over real soon, because the box had just a couple of dozen of them in it.

To be clear, this is the cloth-bound trade edition, not the leather-bound limited edition (which is already sold out). But this particular printing of the trade edition is now indeed very limited.

See, you knew there was a reason you read Whatever on Sundays.

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  1. Got one! Thanks! Tried to get a copy of The God Engines at Borders last night…they said they had three copies in the store but couldn’t find them…told me to come back next week…glad they were disorganized!

  2. So John… is the leather bound edition the one with a bright green interior for $45?

    Oh and started it last night… forced myself to put it down so I didn’t blow through it all in one session. The rest is as good as the first chapter led me to believe it would be.

  3. So for anyone interested in the leather bound edition I know (because I almost bought one) that the University Bookstore in Seattle has 2 or 3. Not signed or anything, but I’m mentioning it because Sub Press lists them as sold out. Hit, but you might have to call them – not sure if the editions are called out on the site.

    Not affiliated or anything, just happened to see them when I bought a regular (unsigned… /sob) copy there.

  4. John, you are so occident-centric. Sunday is the second day of the week. I don’t read you on Friday, though.

    Anyway, my signed copy arrived a few weeks ago so thank you M. Scalzi, and you’re welcome.

    Haven’t started on it though, as I’m reading the Kage Baker books that came with it first, for obvious reasons (at least obvious to me.) Must say that it is an extremely bittersweet experience to discover an author you enjoy because you’ve read her obit.

  5. I think this is the thread which deserves the link to
    Jim Watts’ piece on ‘Why Books Matter’ over at

    It’s a repeat of something he wrote last November when the ‘let’s get rid of lots of books’ controversy first hit Syracuse University; as a direct participant in that particular culture war he has some interesting insights.

    There’s also the ‘duh’ element, when I realised that yes, indeed, e-texts are a lot like scrolls and that there were very good reasons why people shifted to the codex.

    Scalzi probably knew this already, but I didn’t…

  6. Subterranean Press has made a couple of your books available through Webscription.

    For those of us not into the whole leather-bound signed first edition thing, are there any plans to make The God Engines of Judge Sn Goes Golfing available?

  7. I just went to a large 2 story barnes and noble store in Northern Virginia. Some of your books are there, but not Gods Engine. Is it mainly on sale online?

    Just curious. I will probably read it. I want to read some of your Old Man War books first.

  8. There were some very fascinating questions raised in The God Engines. That, and given its recent success and accolades, I don’t suppose there are any other stories in this universe that might get written?

  9. Whilst I am of the opinion that this is an excellent book, buying a second copy, no matter how enhanced is alas not really an option right now. Way too many first copies on the list to get too…

  10. And I really love my Limited Edition with the gorgeous leather cover!
    Granted – I also love my Kindle (not coincidentally also inside a gorgeous leather cover by oberon design) and buy most of my new books in electronic form – but some books I just have to have in leather bound, hand-signed glory.

  11. I would have loved my gorgeous leather-covered limited edition, if only Sub-T hadn’t managed to lose my order for it after acknowledging receipt of said order, leaving me waiting for a book that never arrived and was sold out before the error was noticed.

    That they never actually charged me for it is but small consolation.

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