Signed Chapbook for Auction at “Con or Bust”

Hey, remember how I was telling you about the French language chapbook of my story, “After the Coup?” Well, I’m auctioning off a signed copy over at Con or Bust, which is LiveJournal group set up to help bring fans of color to Wiscon and other science fiction conventions. Other authors and science fiction folk are also auctioning off signed books and other goodies; participants include Toby Buckell, Jo Walton, N.K. Jemisin, Neil Gaiman and Cherie Priest, for starters. Lots of good stuff for science fiction and fantasy fans.

This particular chapbook is a rarity on this side of the Atlantic, so if you’re an obsessive completest of Scalzi stuff, this is likely to give you the sort of bragging rights other North Americans can only dream of. I’ve already signed the copy I’m auctioning, but if the winner of the auction wants, I’ll also personalize it. You can’t beat that.

Here’s the direct link for my auction — bidding has already started and runs through 11:59pm, March 13. While you’re there check out the other auctions, too; just keep scrolling down and you’ll find some neat things.

5 Comments on “Signed Chapbook for Auction at “Con or Bust””

  1. Heh. The cover looks a little like “The Hulk vs The Creature from the Black Lagoon”. Which is to say it’s pretty cool.

  2. Thanks for this.

    The link to other auctions doesn’t quite seem to work as described, you can’t scroll down to them. What does work is following the ‘con or bust’ link at the top of your own auction page.

  3. [Deleted because while I suspect the poster means no offense, it’s easy to misinterpret, thus keeping this particular comment in this thread will be more trouble than it’s worth — JS]

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