Zeus Works on His Cheshire Cat Trick

Hmmm. Not quite there yet.

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  1. Dave H – I can see Canada from my house – Aging dad, electronics nerd, embedded software developer. (I'm the guy who makes your microwave blink 12:00.)
    Dave H

    Zeus mutters to himself, “Stupid humans think I’m actually sitting there. Wish I’d thought of that decoy trick sooner. Now, where is that bacon?”

  2. Jeanne – I'm a reader, a writer, a mother, a wife, an ailurophile, a Writing Center Director, and a PhD in English Literature (specializing in Rhetoric and Composition and literature of the Eighteenth Century).

    Cheshire–more usual spelling for the cat that’s just grin. But maybe Zeus’ version doesn’t come from a shire!

  3. bananasfk – Technical mad person and ballet class for fun. I also like baiting god blogger's more info B5 d++ t k s-- u-- f+ i o++ x e l- c++. One post a day keeps the mad doctors away - or 'A Day Without Bananas In The Falklands is Like a Day Without Sunshine'.

    Jasper Fforde’s cheshire cat gags are better.

  4. George E. Mitchell – Seabeck, WA – I've been working in the software industry since 1991. Over that time, I've learned a lot about technical people and had a good deal of success working with them and managing them. LinkedIn: <a href="http://www.linkedin.com/in/georgmi">http://www.linkedin.com/in/georgmi</a>

    John Scalzi: Even his cats are overexposed these days.

  5. This does explain how you can see a cat asleep on your bed upstairs toward the back of the house and then travel directly to the kitchen on the first floor and find the cat sitting on the counter saying “What?” when you look at them funny.

    I thought they had pocket transporters (yes I know, no pockets) but this actually makes more sense and is historically accurate as well.

  6. Johnny @9

    Maybe this is the opposite place and the smile is still at the first place. I mean, the body has to go somewhere first so the smile can stay behind doesn’t it?

    I’m sure Charles Dodgson could explain it with mathematical logic but this works for me 8^D

  7. Mister Scalzi,

    I am concerned about the amount of radiation your cat is emanating. Please consider reducing the amount of Polonium in his diet.

    Thank you.

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