Knowing When Not to Bigfoot Someone

Someone local to me did something that annoyed me, and I wrote a post about it. And then after I wrote I realized that what this person did, did not rate me venting to 40,000+ people about it, especially since a) this person is a normal person, not a public personality, b) this person doesn’t have much of an online presence and wouldn’t be particularly well-positioned to respond to the venting, which would necessarily cast them as I chose to cast them, c) which, focused as it was on the thing that annoyed me, would have been an inherently slanted and unfair portrayal, and finally d) I have to live in the same town as this person.

Basically I knew that if I posted it I’d hate myself for posting it almost immediately, because among other things it would have been more about me satisfying my urge to be a dick to someone in public than anything else. And this person didn’t actually deserve that. So I deleted the post and this is all you’ll ever hear about it.

This is just me using myself as an object example of being aware that sometimes discretion is the better part of being able to stand yourself on a daily basis.

A Birthday Tune

In honor of my friend Deven’s birthday today, here’s a Thomas Dolby song he likes:

I also got him a mathematical proof, but the margins here are to small to express it. Maybe for Christmas.