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In Other News, I’m Old

Via Andrew Sullivan, I learn that Kids These Days are less likely to start blogging, and that the form is increasingly the purview of the ancients, they being defined as people over the age of 30. This doesn’t surprise me terribly. For the vast majority of what people (not just teens, but teens also) used […]

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Oh, and About The God Engines

Some folks noticed that Amazon has a fairly large delay on delivery for The God Engines, and wondered if that was somehow related to what was going on with Macmillan. No, quite the opposite: The darn thing sold so quickly that additional printings had to be made and those are now working their way towards […]

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Why In Fact Publishing Will Not Go Away Anytime Soon: A Deeply Slanted Play in Three Acts

CHARACTERS: ELTON P. STRAÜMANN, a modern-thinking man with exciting ideas JOHN SCALZI, a humble writer KRISTINE SCALZI, the wife of a humble writer ACT I SCENE OPENS ON STRAÜMANN and SCALZI, standing. STRAÜMANN: The publishing world is changing! In the future, authors will no longer need those fat cat middle men known as “publishers” to […]

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The Big Idea: Katharine Beutner

People in myths live forever — or do they? For every Apollo or Persephone, there are the women and men whose lives these famous deities intersect in the telling of the tale — but who otherwise fall from the page, and from thought. Can they be resurrected? Katharine Beutner thinks it’s possible, and sets to […]

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Initial Oscar Thoughts, 2010

As I do every year (except last year, when WordPress ate my entry, BOO), I’m giving you my thoughts on the Oscar nominee field and who, at first blush, I suspect will win their categories. Because I want to keep today’s previous entry near the top of the Whatever front page, I’ll put these thoughts […]

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