Just Arrived, 3/1/10

Another month, and more books. Some of what arrived today:

* Scenting the Dark, by Mary Robinette Kowal (Subterranean Press): Mary’s short-but-awesome story collection, gorgeously put together by SubPress. I’m not going to pretend to be objective about this particular book since a) Mary and I are friends, b) and currently running to be president and vice-president of SFWA, c) and anyway I wrote the intro to this collection. That said, it really is excellent and I want you to read it. It’s out now.

While we’re on the subject of Mary, incidentally, she is the subject of an entire latest edition of Apex magazine, which has four works by her in its pages, including the title story of this very collection. Go check it out.

* Getting In, by Karen Stabiner (Voice/Hyperion): Hey, remember your panic at getting into the right (elite) college? This is that, in book form! Don’t worry, it’s a humorous book. That is, unless you only got into your fallback school. In which case, here’s a hug, man. This one’s out on March 16.

* Mysterius the Unfathomable, by Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler (Wildstorm): A reporter for an alt-weekly paper gets sucked into a weird (i.e., supernatural) situation and ends up the assistant to a belligerent conjurer. This graphic novel will be featured in a Big Idea post later on in the month.

* Eyes Like Leaves, by Charles de Lint (Subterranean Press): This is an interesting one: de Lint wrote this fantasy novel thirty years ago but then apparently set it aside because he wanted to focus on other works, so this marks the novel’s actual publication debut. Clearly something for de Lint fans to add to their collection. Out now.

9 Comments on “Just Arrived, 3/1/10”

  1. I got my copy of Scenting the Dark last month and basically told everyone in my life “Shut up and leave me alone tonight, don’t call, don’t email, don’t text, I’m turning everything off, but I’ll live-Twitter my reading” and that’s exactly what I did.

    Some of those stories scare the bejesus out of me, I’ve got to say. SO GOOD.

  2. That cover of Scenting The Dark is 100% awesome. I’d buy it for the cover alone. The fact the whole book is made of 100% makes it that much better.

  3. I got it last month too, in the same Subterranean shipment as the God Engines… I remember think how awesomely gorgeous her signature was, especially compared to… um… er…
    oh, look! A puppy!

  4. Mysterius is fantastic, and includes the best method of summoning eldritch horrors I’ve ever seen.

  5. The cover looks awesome! Great artwork!

    However… I keep wanting to hit the pagedown key because the character on the cover is in the default “pre flight” pose that all avatars in Second Life take before lifting off.

    Yeah. Geek. Me. Again.

  6. Thanks, John! And in the world, it is so small department, I went to college with Jeff Parker in North Carolina and he now lives mere blocks from me in Portland, OR.

  7. Just a quick note to say my thanks for sharing the link to MRK’s stories on Apex. Site i have never found before. Such wonderful stories. Hats off to Mary. (and Apex).

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