Your March Science Fictional Reminderations

What? March already? Seriously, man, that’s just wacky. Here are some things I wish to remind you of heading forward for the next 31 (or so) days.

1. If you’re a Hugo nominator, congratulations! You now have two weeks to get your nominations in. So, you know, do so. Here’s a bunch of suggestions from Whatever readers on what they think is award-worthy science fiction and fantasy this year. Remember also that I’m offering a Hugo-consideration electronic edition of The God Engines to nominators (remember to follow the request directions).

Also for potential Hugo nominators, I have this note from the Hugo coordinators: “[We] encourage people to contact if they need their Aussiecon 4 or Anticipation Hugo nomination member info or have questions about their eligibility to nominate.” If you do have questions, resolving them sooner rather than later is a good thing; things get hectic there near the end.

2. If you’re a SFWA active member, the Nebula ballot is now open for your voting pleasure — remember that your vote must be received by March 30th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST in order to count. I’ll note that The God Engines is nominated in the Novella category, and Zoe’s Tale is up for the Norton Award.

Remember also to come along for Nebula Weekend, in which dozens of science fiction writers will descend upon Cocoa Beach, Florida to be all science fictional together. Note this does not mean we will all wear shimmering tunics. That would be wrong. So very wrong.

3. A reminder to all and sundry that I will once again be teaching at the Viable Paradise Writer’s Workshop on scenic Martha’s Vineyard this October, and that it is not too late to apply for this year’s workshop. If you ever wanted me to critique your work (not mention having Elizabeth Bear, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Steven Gould, Laura Mixon, Jim Macdonald and Debra Doyle critique your work), this is the place. And hey, a week on Martha’s Vineyard in early October. Very pretty, y’all.

4. While on the subject of writers’ workshops, if you’re a teen, today is the last day to apply for this year’s Alpha workshop, a genuinely excellent place for teen writers to meet other teens and learn from top writers — this year’s author instructors include Holly Black, Timothy Zahn, Tamora Pierce and Mike Arnzen. I met with last year’s teen crew, and came away very impressed. I meant to note this earlier to give all y’all some more lead time, but apparently I suck. Be that as it may: Teens! Hustle and get in your applications. TODAY, by 6pm Eastern. It’ll be worth the effort.

11 Comments on “Your March Science Fictional Reminderations”

  1. I’m going to look through that list of suggestions via your readers, I’m sure there are some good books there.

    Just found your blog today, based on reading Old Man’s War, my first time reading one of your books. So far I am really loving it. Definitely going to read more of your work. It’s always great to find another good sci-fi author.

    I admit I’m having a hard time getting my brain around the skip and how multiple universes are still “the same” for all intents and purposes.

    I guess I don’t have the math. :)

  2. I believe the fashionable science fiction writer will be wearing metallic jumpsuits this season.

  3. I believe they are properly called “speedsuits,” since they are not to be jumped in, but are put on speedily that one might continue with one’s creative or scientific endeavors. And they must have racing stripes. Shimmering is optional.

  4. Clearly, I need to make Demand Number Two:

    All people involved in ‘Nebula Weekend’ at Cocoa Beach must wear shimmering tunics, while marching down the beach singing “We are the Goon Quad, and we’re coming to town, beep beep.”

    Beep. Beep.

  5. Dear Whatevers,

    I’m going to vote for TGE and ZT, then attend the Viable workshop with John immediately afterward, then buy lots of Q10 Enzyme and take the Alpha workshop for teens, then, finally, shovel John’s long driveway on Christmas Day. They’re releasing me from the “pysch ward for sff author stalkers” in August, so I should be fine. No, really. I’ll be fine. They’re giving me a month’s supply of colorful meds. I just hope my doc remembers that I’m color blind.

    Foaming at the mouth,

  6. The Nebula logo is mysteriously missing an actual nebula! Conspiracy, or poor art direction?

    (Yeah, yeah, they USED to think distant galaxies were nebula, etc. Totally not buying it!)

  7. Well, my nominations are in- thanks for the friendly reminder/nag. (And double thanks for TGE!)

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