Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

Casting My (SFWA) Vote

Above you’ll see the official election ballot for the SFWA board elections (well, you mostly see the cover letter, the ballot is underneath that), which I have duly filled out and will send back tomorrow. I am not ashamed to say I voted for myself for president. As it happens I am running unopposed this […]

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Micro(ish) Update

w00t, five minutes before I have to do something else. So, quickly: 1. If you ordered The God Engines from Jay & Mary’s bookstore a couple of weeks ago, you’ll be glad to know they just got their copies from Subterranean, and I just signed them, so they’ll be on their way presently. In one […]

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Talk Amongst Yourselves

I’m returning from a previously unscheduled trip and then catching up on work and then running errands, so the chances of me updating today until much later are pretty slim. So until I get back, please feel free to chat amongst yourselves. As a conversational starter, here’s a question: What’s the longest distance you’ve traveled […]

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