Micro(ish) Update

w00t, five minutes before I have to do something else. So, quickly:

1. If you ordered The God Engines from Jay & Mary’s bookstore a couple of weeks ago, you’ll be glad to know they just got their copies from Subterranean, and I just signed them, so they’ll be on their way presently. In one of those weird coincidences, the store owner opened the box of books pretty much exactly the same moment I happened to walk into the store to see if the books had arrived for me to sign. They had, and I did.

2. If you’re curious as to what previously unscheduled travel I have just done, well, yesterday I got an e-mail from Joe Hill, who is on a book tour, saying “Hey! I’m in Pittsburgh! Is that anywhere close to you?” To which I replied back, “It’s 280 miles and five hours away, so, no.” To which he wrote back. “Oh, well.” And then of course I got into a car and drove 280 miles and five hours so I could sit in his audience without him knowing, and wait to see how long it took for him to figure out I was there. Because messing with people’s heads is my kind of fun.

How did Joe take it? You may read his report of my random appearance here. For my part, it was great to see Joe and to get to hang out with him a bit. He rocks. What also rocks: His new book Horns, which is funny and creepy and weird and great. If you happen to be in the Seattle area, incidentally, he’ll be at the University Bookstore tonight. Swing by and tell him I sent you.

And now, back to the things which are keeping me away from here until later. Later!

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  1. Let’s see, you drove 10 hours just to see the look of shock on his face when he saw you in the audience? I knew there was a reason I kept coming back here.

  2. “Horns” is also available over at Fictionwise: http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/b104198/Horns/Joe-Hill/?si=0

    for those of us who are all-ebook.

    At this time it’s got a 100% rebate to the micropay account, if you use your credit card. From my standpoint, that’s like paying Joe for the book *and* getting it free, since I’ll just use the rebate for some other book later.


  3. In several of the late Ross Thomas’s novels there was a character named Quincy Durant, who was known by most everyone as That Fucking Durant. I think you might be well on your way, John.

  4. That’s very cool, John. I read Heart Shaped Box and 20th Century Ghosts and they were both terrific. Judas Coyne from HSB is a very memorable character for all the right reasons – flawed, strong, and far from altruistic. I didn’t know Hill had a new novel out, but as a result of this thread, I just ordered it. Thanks.

  5. My wife just picked up Horns and tore through it in record speed. She liked it a LOT. That’s further down my catch-up reading list, though…I’m on The Affinity Bridge right now and then it’s on to Boneshaker.

  6. Damn, bet that was a fun trip. I’d enjoy hearing either of you speak, but doubt I’ll be that lucky.

    I *am* lucky enough to have a copy of Horns on my bedside table, though, and I’m enjoying it greatly. My husband isn’t appreciating the extended bedtime reading, however, but tough titty, eh?

  7. It’s been a long time, it seems, since I read the Heart-Shaped Box, but I remember that I enjoyed it… and that his writing is very much his own and different from Stephen King.

  8. BWAHAHAHA! His blog was great. John F*cking Scalzi. Not sure if you can publish under that, but it makes for great entertainment.

  9. So if I’d taken a bus over to the South Side Works last night rather than hang out at home, I could have hung back awkwardly, debating whether to talk to you or not, assuming I’d have even noticed you there?

    Damn, I always miss the good stuff.

  10. I got a call from the bookstore today, and I’m thinking.. I don’t know anyone in Ohio. Oh, wait, yes I do!

    So, yay, book on its way to meeee!

  11. Hey, John! Thanks for shedding light into that ever-expanding blind spot of mine. I’m a huge Stephen King fan, picked up The Gunslinger in high school back in the 80s, probably like you. Thunk. I had no idea he had a son that wrote novels, never even heard of Joe Hill until you blogged about driving five hours to see him at a reading. Knowing what I know now, after reading about him all afternoon, I would have driven five hours as well. I’m really, really excited about this up-and-coming flurry of reading. I’m ordering his books tonight. I’ll always remember that old photograph of the King family in their indoor pool. Man, what Joe Hill must have witnessed in his short life. He was there during most of King’s On Writing. Mind blowing stuff . . . and I dig the ACDC tee. Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

  12. Dirty Wizard:

    Wait until you read Twentieth Century Ghosts. That will blow your mind, too. One of the best collections I have ever, EVAR read.

  13. Called Jay and Mary’s yesterday and they still had a few signed copies of The God Engines, so I snapped one up. Nice folks, very prompt and helpful.

    Huzzah for supporting independent booksellers!

  14. Joe gave a great reading in Cambridge, MA, last week. Horns is excellent. I highly recommend it.

  15. Thank you John! I got a call from Jay & Mary’s saying my books were in and that you had signed (one or both?). Woot! I ordered ‘Hate Mail’ for my daughter who’s majoring in journalism at Univ. of Chicago, and of course ‘The God Engines’ for myself. (Because what right minded person WOULDN’T want their own God Engine? Unless of course a G.E. is something awful… at which point I’ll put it down slowly and back away.)

    I also chastised Mary for hiding your books in plain sight (I used to work for Jay & Mary many years ago). Mary was telling me that when you were in line and notice your book on the back wall, two customers in line ahead of you thought you were nuts until Mary acknowledged that you really were the author of the book in question.

    I’m looking forward to some good reading! Thanks again.

  16. Have to give a shout out to you; hubby reads your blog steadfastly and found out about Joe Hill via you. He bought ‘Horns’ and gave it to me @ 8 p.m. Monday evening – I finished it this AM @ 10 (since kids are funny things and expect something called breakfast before they head on to school). Muchas gracias for adding another wonderful author to my list!

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