Just Arrived, 3/3/10

What’s new today:

* The Fallen, by Mark Terry (Oceanview): Author and friend of Whatever Mark Terry’s latest, a political action thrilller in which a terrorist group has the G8 summit in its sights, and only one man can stop them from wreaking havoc. Because what fun would it be to have two men stop them? None! None at all, I tell you! Out in April.

* Collected Stories, by Lewis Shiner (Subterranean Press): As it says on the tin, the collected stories of Shiner, and quite a few of them at that: 41. Which is a lot of storytelling in one place, let me tell you. Out now.

* Ares Express, by Ian McDonald (Pyr): The sequel to McDonald’s celebrated Desolation Road, previously not published in the US, now offered for your delectation by Pyr Books. But not quite yet, since it hits shelves April 27th. Patience, friends.

* Toads and Diamonds, by Heather Tomlinson (Henry Holt): Two sisters meet a goddess by their village well, like you do, and the goddess gives one a curse and the other a gift. But which sister gets which? See. That’s the question, isn’t it. This YA novel comes out March 30.

* The Complete Drive-In, by Joe R. Lansdale (Underland Press): Lansdale’s three completely unhinged (in a good way) Drive-In novels, which read like drive-in movies played — without the fogged-up windows — all put together in one volume. Coming! To a theater bookstore near you! In May!

5 Comments on “Just Arrived, 3/3/10”

  1. If I see one more story about dichotomized magical twins, I may burn it.

    Which is not to say that Toads and Dimaonds will be a bad book. I’ll be on the lookout. You’ll know if I don’t like it by the smoke-signals. Any means “no”.

  2. That’s incredibly odd. I read desolation road years ago (it was my introduction to Ian McDonald) and loved it.

    Thing is, I live in the US. I picked it up at a church booksale for a buck. Heck, I think I still have it sitting on my bookshelf.

    I had no idea it wasn’t released in the US. Surreal.

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