Daily Archives: March 11, 2010

How Oscar Slipped Past Avatar

Over at AMC, I do the Oscar post-mortem and explain how the most financially successful film of all time (unless you account for inflation, in which case it’s the 14th most successful film of all time) got skunked at the Academy Awards by a film that took in 1% of its box office. You know […]

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For Paul and Storm Fans and Those Who Just Don’t Know They’re Fans Yet

Last weekend Paul Sabourin of the comedy music duo Paul and Storm had his 40th birthday, and to celebrate Paul’s steep and unstoppable slide into middle-aged decrepitude, his musical partner Storm asked a few pals (including me, Neil Gaiman and a few others you might know if you know your geeks) to talk about Paul […]

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The Office Stripped Bare

I noted yesterday that I was spending the day tearing down my office; well, it took longer than I thought and we only finished doing it about an hour ago. This is what it looks like without that massive desk in it; you can see, incidentally, why we’re so keen to get rid of the […]

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The Big Idea: Skyler White

Angels and demons and neuroscientists, oh my! Skyler White’s got ’em in her novel and Falling, Fly, and she’s not afraid to use them. She’s also not afraid to go deeper and look at what those angels and demons mean — not just in the literal sense of being angels and demons, but what these […]

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