For Paul and Storm Fans and Those Who Just Don’t Know They’re Fans Yet

Last weekend Paul Sabourin of the comedy music duo Paul and Storm had his 40th birthday, and to celebrate Paul’s steep and unstoppable slide into middle-aged decrepitude, his musical partner Storm asked a few pals (including me, Neil Gaiman and a few others you might know if you know your geeks) to talk about Paul in video form. Here it is (parts not necessarily safe for work because of language).

IT’S ALL TRUE. Just remember that.

11 Comments on “For Paul and Storm Fans and Those Who Just Don’t Know They’re Fans Yet”

  1. I’m just glad you put in there might not be work appropriate as I almost hit play so now I have to wait until I get home to enjoy this treat!!

  2. One of my first reactions to this video was, “that is not at all what I expected Scalzi to sound like!” I assumed you were putting on an accent, but I have no data on which to base this.

    You have since shown up in my dreams, always with the same accent. I think I need to search out more Scalzi audio samples.

  3. I wish I were a fly on the wall when Paul saw this! Happy belated birthday Paul.

  4. I hadn’t realized that one of my favorite musicians and (at least two of) my favorite writers knew each other. It shouldn’t have surprised me, given the insanity of all parties involved.

  5. Well, that’s that then.

    Watching to this has caused an increase in my cranial fluid pressure, which has led to the disruption of the myelin sheaths protecting my Schwann cells. As a direct result, my cerebral cortex has ruptured and the internal pressure has built up to the point where I can hear creaking as my skull approaches the fracture point.

    There’s no point in going on. My mind has been blown.

  6. I swear, the latin song at the end made me nearly pee my pants laughing. what I would have given to be present when he saw that video. jebus on toast. funny

  7. God I miss Paul’s special figs. Back in the 90s, when we were living together, money was tight. Sometimes we could pay for groceries, sometimes we could even pay for heat. But no matter how bad it got, Paul would always cheer me up when I got home from work (at the lumber yard) by giving me a plateful of those beautiful, beautiful figs. Cheers Paul, and happy birthday.

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