Oooh, Look, a Trailer for SG:U Upcoming Episodes

Pretty. AND I KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS NEXT. Yes I do. Wait until you see the episode with hand puppets!

New Colors

For those of you who wanted to know what “Scotland Road” and “Traditional Brown” looked like:

The picture was taken with my cell phone, so it’s not the best representation, but it’s close enough so you can see how the colors coordinate together. It’s very mint chocolate. Next up: flooring, followed by custom bookshelves. Followed by LASERS. Because you can’t have a home office without LASERS.

Today’s Little Irony

Getting an e-mail from a site saying that’s given my site an award for being famous, and that the site was “has been selected and evaluated by a network of subject specialists,” and then going over to see the site and noticing that I’m referred to there as “Joe Scalzi.”

That’s some excellent evaluation there, site specialists.

I do occasionally see myself referred to online as “Joe Scalzi” or “Jeff Scalzi,” both of which make at least a little bit of sense because of the “J” connection, but I’ve also seen me referred to as “Dave Scalzi” or “Richard Scalzi,” which are a little more puzzling to me. But all of them are a little weird; it’s not as if “John” is that difficult a name, you know. And it’s all over the Web site and the covers of my books. Maybe all somewhat-common first names blend together in people’s brains. This is where it’s nice to have a last name like “Scalzi.”