New Colors

For those of you who wanted to know what “Scotland Road” and “Traditional Brown” looked like:

The picture was taken with my cell phone, so it’s not the best representation, but it’s close enough so you can see how the colors coordinate together. It’s very mint chocolate. Next up: flooring, followed by custom bookshelves. Followed by LASERS. Because you can’t have a home office without LASERS.

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  1. Govoria:

    All credit for the excellent painting job goes to my wife Kristine. Had I painted the walls, there would have been paint on the ceiling, the floor, and the cats.

  2. You need air quotes on “LASERS”.

    Very nice painting indeed. I enjoy mixing up my work space as often as possible. Gives you a whole new perspective on things.

  3. Just lasers? I thought every successful home office includes sharks with laserbeams. I’d hate to watch the cats as they try to mess with that aquarium, though.

  4. Our master bath is in Scotland Road. I love it! I kinda wish I had done the guest room in that color too but everyone whined that it was too dark. Bah!

  5. But everything has Lasers now. I bought a hand-held electric saw last weekend, and it had a laser built-in to show where it would cut.
    Your laptop has lasers in to read the DVDs.
    Even the bright LEDs are really lasers in disguise.
    What you need is phasers.

  6. Dave H – I can see Canada from my house – Aging dad, electronics nerd, embedded software developer. (I'm the guy who makes your microwave blink 12:00.)
    Dave H

    So where in relation to this photo is the trap door that leads to the alligator pit? Old school, I know, but still effective.

    It’s a pity Ohio isn’t more volcanically active. A nice lava flow outside the window would add just the right touch of demonic orange glow to highlight the interior colors. Not to mention a faint whiff of brimstone that whispers, “I am invincible!”

  7. #16 Dave H – I don’t know how close Mister Scalzi is to Dayton, but maybe he could enjoy the acrid glow of the local vulcanizing plant?

  8. Actually, my home office has inkjets.

  9. Well, you shouldn’t have home cats without lasers, because cats with lasers are damn sweet. A home office with lasers is like a home office with a computer. These days, it’s just de rigueur.

  10. “Followed by LASERS. Because you can’t have a home office without LASERS”

    I recently ordered one for work, from $18,000.

    They can get pretty pricey.

  11. pennlynn – I'm just me, and I'm also someone who has been cursed by being born with a facial difference and I struggle with this every day!! I'm hoping those who find this blog will be apart of my journey as I go though this life.

    Well I’m going to be honest here John… I wouldn’t have went with that colour green, I like the brown. And heck my opinon don’t count for squat so as long as your happy with it that’s all that matters :)

    Can’t wait to see a pic when it’s all completed bookshelves and all (I had wrote “lasers and all” but i’ll be waiting a long time for that pic eh!)

  12. Steve Buchheit @ 19

    Well, you shouldn’t have home cats without lasers, because cats with lasers are damn sweet.

    I am now picturing cats with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads … chasing each other’s laser spots all over the damn place.

  13. Mint chocolate. Mmmm. Look like nice colors to work in, except for possibly inducing regular cravings for mint chocolate.

    Scuze me while I go find the Thin Mints.

  14. Very nice colors. I am guessing Kristine chose them? She might have thought of this already but: make sure those custom book shelves have felt or rubber on the bottom or you are very very careful placing them. They could scratch your brand new floors.

  15. At least you didn’t paint bacon on the cats.

    They say green is a good color for thinking, maybe this means more work on the book?

  16. Bearpaw @ 23, you don’t have this in your own home already. Cats with frickin’ lasers. Man, there’s not much better entertainment.

    You know, other than sharks with lasers.

  17. Ooo, if the flooring is wood, it will be just like working in a forest. Of course, I was expecting hot pink and a unicorn mural, but I guess you’ve matured. :)

  18. Love the colours. Paint colour can do weird things to the perceived size of a room. Once upon a time I moved into a flat where my bedroom was a pale, icy blue. I painted it dark green and the room looked (and felt) bigger. Plus it was a lot less like living in a Frigidaire.

  19. Hm. Scotland Road. Thanks to you and Kristine for providing a strong contender for my classroom wall color next year. (Every time I move to a new room, I have it painted. The headmaster figures if he keeps it up, the humanities wing will look great by the time I retire.)

  20. Steve Buchheit@19
    Cats with frickin’ lasers. Man, there’s not much better entertainment.

    Cutting through the grocery store pet department the other day I spotted a little battery operated mouse toy for cats…it has a laser pointer for the cat to chase!

    Just thought you should know.

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