Oooh, Look, a Trailer for SG:U Upcoming Episodes

Pretty. AND I KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS NEXT. Yes I do. Wait until you see the episode with hand puppets!

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  1. I am beyond excited for the second half of season 1! Alien encounters, new planets, more TJ…what’s not to love?!

  2. You laugh about the puppets, but bear in mind the absolute genius that was the ‘Smile Time’ episode of Angel, where he was turned into a muppet. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life.

  3. Looking forward to it, John – this is the first Stargate series that I’ve been able to watch more than an episode of, so don’t pay attention to nay-sayers.

    Except about the communication stones. They have to go, or at least the ethical ramifications of using someone else’s body to have sex with people should be explored a bit.

    And don’t knock the puppets – Farscape kicked all kinds of ass.

  4. I agree with Rich, on both counts. I was never a fan of any of the SG shows until this one. Keep up the good work!

  5. Yep, same here: first SG series I’ve ever been able to watch, and I love it! Keep up the good work, Mr. Creative Consultant, Sir, because this show is full of all kinds of TV win. I’m completely ready for the rest of Season 1.

  6. Actually, an “Avenue Q-like” take on SG:U might be interesting:

    “Everyone’s A Bit Space-ist?”
    “The Communication Stones Are For Porn?”

    OK, maybe not. Looking forward to the new season, anyway.

  7. *drool*

    I cannot wait!

    I’m glad to see it moving beyond the “struggle with basic survival” (air, water, etc.). That was great, but I hoped it wouldn’t be the main focus beyond the first half of season 1. Looks like my faith in the writers was well placed.

    Now has SyFy given a date for the new episodes yet? Since it’s not “today”, it’s not soon enough.

  8. Ooooooooh. Happytime!

    I had some reservations about season 1, but was cautiously willing to hang on for season 2. Now I’m really interested. It looks like they’re going to hit some of the points I really wanted to see — I’m especially hoping “we’re on our own out here” is literal.

  9. I enjoyed most of the first half season on Hulu, but I actually wanted to try to see SG:Atlantis also, because I missed it when it was on TV. What are my options, besides renting/buying season DVDs ? (Hulu offered only the final season, while still showing ALL of the original Stargate:SG-1 episodes – which of course I watched also).

  10. John,

    Apropos of nothing more than I get to start a message with apropos (yay!), I recently met the casting director for SG:U, Paul Weber, at an event, and I’m not the least bit sorry to say, I went totally fanboy on him (though in my defense he did ask me what I thought of the show).

    It was a nerding of epic proportions, but I stand by it, ’cause I love the show just that much.

    Thanks for all of the great work.

  11. Don’t knock puppets. Smile Time was so funny, I think I was crying I was laughing so hard.

    The trailer looks good. Really good.

  12. Excellent, am looking forward to seeing the new episodes. Can’t wait to see how Rush gets that alien spaceship up and running. I know we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

  13. “Wait until you see the episode with hand puppets!” Oh, is that the one where they fight vampires?

  14. I know he’s a HUGE ass, but you should REALLY keep your only super scientist around

  15. Regular old self-referential adolescent ‘Stargate’ is about as much like ‘SG:U’ as Glaghee is like a Bengal tiger.

    The cast is capable of major-league work. I tuned in just because I like Robert Carlyle, and saw he was in pretty good company. The scenic design, photography and direction are very good. Yes, the writing could be somewhat better . . . but I forsee the day when One John Scalzi may be asked for more substantial contributions.

    That’ll be a good week.

  16. I’m a big fan of SG1 and SGA, but I struggled with the first half-season of SGU. The style change, lack of story direction, and soap opera plotlines have really kept me from buying into the show. That said, the trailer does look promising, so I’ll at least give the rest of the season a shot.

  17. Looks interesting. The first half left me cold, but setup episodes usually do, so I’ve been waiting for the series to get past the “OMG will they survive?” stage (er, yes, they will…) and start exploring things like “we need a real leader.”

    What’s interesting to me is that SG1 and SGA had a structure suited for TV – the stories were episodic because they mapped pretty cleanly to missions. SGU, by abandoning that, is trying something new which is cool. They have an interesting road to walk with Voyager and BSG as recent examples of the ‘people on a ship trying to get home’ story.

    Oh and yes, please kill the stones. Or at least have them be used reasonably. The “Eli and Chloe are in a ship in mortal danger but go clubbing’ was where I really started to eyeroll in the first half of S1. This trailer looks way more interesting….

  18. “Wait until you see the episode with hand puppets!”

    So they encounter the USS Swinetrek? I can’t wait! ;-)

  19. Hey there,

    Ran across your excellent book, “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded” and read it cover-to-cover in the story. I bought it (hey, I’m a writer too, I get it!) and was flipping through it again today. Loved Wil’s intro – it was that which prompted the impromptu read-through.

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m (obviously) new to your blog but have now subscribed to the feed and am looking forward to more profound insights (/teensy bit of sarcasm).


  20. Please tell me that the new episodes will be on Hulu the day after broadcast. I don’t have cable/dish and I want to see the rest of the season. I got hooked from your link here (HUGE thank you) and cannot wait to see how the show continues. I think it’s excellent.

  21. I wonder if by “acting and special effects” he really means “seeing his name in the credits”.

  22. The trailer has possibilities. It looks good enough that I’m tempted to give it another chance. But they have GOT to lose those damn stones.

    They’re lost and on their own out there … except when they’re back on earth bedhopping or going clubbing?

    Sorry, no. I have zero interest in Stargate:90210.

  23. dammit, it also happened when I first watched the first SGU trailer and then the 10 episodes launched so far were…. …. …. not too good… ….
    …. but man, I’m looking forward to this series. Really can’t wait any longer.

  24. Worst thing ’bout SG. mmm would also those aliens speak English? ‘cos you know, the ones in Pegasus did it, and a good one at it.

  25. Here’s the thing I don’t get. Col. Young would have had to have access to a lot of the mission reports from both the SG-1 and Atlantis teams, yes? Thus, unless he was a complete idiot, he would have had to notice his universe’s predilection to fucking around with humans gallivanting across space.

    So where in his head was the idea that leaving the amoral scientist alive with an alien ship and a now burning need for revenge a GOOD idea. I mean, killing him I could understand. Or hell, tying him up to die of starvation. But leaving him alive and unbound next to an alien ship? That’s like pissing directly on Murphy’s Law and then laughing about it with your buddies over a few drinks. Nothing good can come of it.

  26. Looks awesome. I am anxiously awaiting the return after the unbearably LONG hiatus (Syfy screwed that up if you ask me).

  27. I agree. The Communication Stones. Must. Go.

    They are a clear plot device just to have the characters interact withy Earth-bound characters—but the writers have done nothing interesting with the ability. Hello, it’s a “Lost in Space” show…if we wanted to see a show about life on earth we’d watch Stargate: Atlantis or something.

  28. I actually like the stones.

    The idea of having the characters as ghosts in their own lives is full of possibilities, since no-one gets any closure.

    It also creates a military chain of command that is basically all bark and just a tiny bit of bite.

    I agree that it’s been used in ways that haven’t always shown the device to its best advantage, but it gives the show a unique twist that does pay off from time to time.