In the Kingdom of the Worms

It’s raining and the ground is saturated with water and so the earthworms have erupted from the very soil and headed to our garage, which is not saturated with water, but is now saturated with earthworms. The cats are very happy. I’m vaguely concerned I’ll be picking up earthworm-flavored cat vomit for the next couple of days. Life at The Scalzi Compound is not all flooring and painting, you know.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Let me warn you. I’ve had experience along these lines — one of our dogs once knocked over the missus’s worm farm and feasted.

It turns out that when mammals eat a sufficient quantity of worms, their body heat will cause the worms render. I mean, there is such a thing as worm oil.

If you want details, I’ve got a lovely essay on the subject, but take my word for it — you do NOT want those cats eating mass quantities of worms. I am not joking.

(By the way. Hey, dude! Long time, no see. How you been?)

Wait, I thought the Diet of Worms was about the Holy Roman Empire’s response to the protestant reformation. Now you’re telling me it’s really about earthwormed cat vomit?

Lucky you; it’s not warm enough here (in still winterized Saskatchewan) for worms.

I would much prefer worms to ice but then I have no cats (poor me).

All in all, I would prefer to have cats.


Courtesy of the CBC’s ‘ Quirks and Quarks’, I learned that worms aren’t actually in danger of drowning on wet cement. That photo brought that bit of info up from the depths, but not why worms climb to the surface when it rains if drowning isn’t an issue.

Heh. We’re just west of Columbus, and we have that exact same worm-line where the wet meets dry at our garage door…. ;-)

We also have swamps in various yards, fields, and parking lots.

Earthworms, unlike the Great Sandworms of Southern Nevada (courtesy of the nuclear test site) are driven from the soil by water. Sandworms are driven from the soil by desert tortoises who feast upon their leathery flesh.

And let’s face it, the sandworms aren’t all that great…(tortoises for gods sake, what was I thinking of?)

@Steve Boyett, @Romeo — This photo reminded me of the movie Return Of The Alien’s Deadly Spawn. The spawn in question are toothy little wormlike things and there are some basement scenes that look exactly like this.

‘s actually a pretty decent little movie. Funny, bright, good monster and effective gore — the kind of thing where you’re watching it and thinking, “This kind of movie has no right to be this good.”

In the Kingdom of the Worms…

… the One Eyed Trouser Snake is King.

(Sorry to lower the tone, but once it got into my mind I was, um, earwormed).

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