(Probably) Offline Until Tuesday

When the contractors arrive tomorrow I am likely to be knocked offline for most of the day. I know. I’m scared too. Expect delays in e-mail responses and such.

11 Comments on “(Probably) Offline Until Tuesday”

  1. There’s a sale on soup down at Kroger. We could string you up a whole network to get you by for the day.
    Hang in there :)

  2. Steve Burnap:

    It’s not about laptop, it’s about the dedicated DSL line being in the office and the contractors not wanting to work around the router.

  3. Look at the bright side – with no internet distractions, you’ll probably finish that novel just to stave off boredom.

  4. But did you have pie on Pi day?
    Apple pie in honor of Isaac Newton?
    Exactly at 3:PM so in military time it would be 15:00
    So pie at 3.1415?

  5. Can’t you take your laptop into a coffee shop? I know you won’t be fooling anyone, but hey, it’s only for a couple of days…

  6. I’m in the camp with working on the next writing project. But I hope, it’s a limited disruption of your life and that you are pleased with the result.

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