The New Office Floor

It’s in, and I think it looks very nice. We’re still a ways off from having the office totally completed — we still have shelves and a desk to go — but now at least I can have my own space back, which is as it turns out a fairly important thing for my mental well being. Who would have guessed.

38 Comments on “The New Office Floor”

  1. You realize you basically have a red floor and green walls, right? That’s like something a Batman villain would do.

    Looks nice enough, though.

  2. When you first posted the boards, I thought “Man, that’s way too red with those green walls.”

    Now that I see it together, it works in a really warm, comfortable way. I love it!

  3. Colorful but not overdone, and natural colors at that. I like it. I think it’s stimulating. It’s way better than the sackcloth-and-ashes of this cubicle I’m sitting in.

  4. As to the colour combination, I used to work in a frame shop, and cherry wood with a nice dark forest green was a popular combination, as it evoked Genteel Old Office to many folks.

  5. Looks good and they seem to have been pretty quick about it, too. But they really should have put the panels in parallel to the window (unless there is another window not in the picture that provides more light). It draws the light into the room better.

  6. Dude, that’s sweet. Some wainscoting, a coffered ceiling, smoking jacket and pipe, and you’re all set! Oh, overstuffed leather chairs, too. Oh wait, that’s MY fantasy office (minus the pipe). Nevermind.

  7. Looks really nice… I wish I owned a house so I could put wood flooring in my office… stupid apartments not letting me refloor my office.

  8. The floor looks great. I wonder if the guys from HGTV would be interested in showing the job. I mean, the before and after of the basement.

  9. Never doubt it — men are territorial. Anyone who pretends otherwise is just trying to fool someone…

  10. That is really nice. It looks very condusive for creativity. I feel inspired just looking at it.

  11. Sweet! The wall color goes quite well with the floor, too.

    Yeah, now that I have my own office for writing, I can’t remember how I managed to get along without it.

  12. Geez John! I can’t believe you went with Green walls and wood flooring. You’re an S.F. author (among other things) for crying out loud! You should be going with marble floors, chrome fixtures, and neon lighting. It’s what any good S.F. Mad-Scientist / Power Broker would do.

  13. Rick @ 15:

    Never doubt it — men are territorial. Anyone who pretends otherwise is just trying to fool someone…

    Humans are very often territorial.

  14. We may be territorial, but the old saying is true.

    “A man’s home is his wife’s castle.”

    Never underestimate the lady of the house!

  15. My home office has drab wallpaper on top of who knows how many other layers of wallpaper on top of 100 year old plaster and lathe. Hence the wallpaper still being there.

    I’m inspired now to bite the bullet and pay someone to get rid of it.

  16. It’s pretty, sort of like that cute girl who’s sitting by herself at the edge of the dance floor. It needs something to keep it company, like lots and lots of nice books. An occupant would help too.

    Oh, and give the cats a chance to play tag in there before you re-occupy it. Or play kitty curling in there. Smooth floors and cats go together, like um….

  17. Damn, but that looks nice. I wish my office (off-white walls, hideously cat-mangled beige carpet) looked like that. If I ever work up the nerve to unload and move ten bookcases so that we can rip out the carpeting and replace it with laminate, I’m totally going for a look like that.

  18. Watch out for the humidity. From my experience after just 2 years the imbrication starts to loosen. DON’T use water or whatever detergent they recommend. Just vacuum them or you’ll have another 2 days hiatus from your Internet connection pretty soon. You’ve been forewarned.
    By the way: DSL is obsolete in most of the european country.

  19. heteromeles@27: “Or play kitty curling in there.”



    The best part is when they clack into each other and ricochet off the walls.

  20. Man, I was just going to say it looks nice, but y’all cracked me up with the piles of books and kitty curling. I feel inadequate. Nothing to do but go dustmop the floor with my Maine Coon.

  21. heteromeles@27:  In lieu of traditional brooms¹, what would you recommend for use by sweepers participating in kitty feline curling – (faux) lambskin swatches, or chamois cloths?

    heteromeles@27, Jeff@32:  Now I’ll never *ever* be able to listen to Jonathan Coulton’s song Curl with the simplistic appreciation I enjoyed until today.²

    [1] Not only are straw brooms inappropriate for use in proximity to cats, but they also lack a certain je ne sais quoi.

    [2] My mind now insists on hearing the antiphonal phrase in the chorus as
            C’mon baby, put the cat in the house …

    Thanks ever so much, dammit.

  22. I want that floor. Years ago we tried to track down some indigo-colored Pergo, but it had been discontinued by the time we saw it in a magazine. Cherry would be almost as good.

    I will now scroll back through the history of your office remodeling, in the hope that you mentioned a brand name.


  23. @34: funny you should mention straw brooms. I’ve trained several cats to love being brushed with a straw broom. It takes a certain talent on your part (mostly knowing how much or little pressure to apply), but if you know how to brush a cat, you can do it with a broom and they quickly learn to love it. Additionally, the cat can also play while getting broomed, which means rolling on her back and chewing, swatting, and disemboweling the broom. You know how cats like to do that in play, except when it’s your arm, it’s kind of bloody? With a broom, you can indulge the cat in his or her instinctive play (kill! kill! Yes!) without consequence. Well, there are two consequences. One is that the broom gets full of cat hair (don’t sweep with the play broom), and the other is that the cats will start mauling the play broom when you’re not around, so you need to secure it, at least by storing it with the bristles off the ground.

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