Just Arrived

Just Arrived, 3/29/10

And here’s what publishers have sent me recently:

* Kraken, by China Mieville (Tor UK/Del Rey (US): This was sent along by China’s UK publisher, and bless them for it; I’ve been hankering after it for a while, since I’m a big sloppy fan of China’s writing. This book features mysteriously disappearing cephalopods, squid cults, crime bosses and, of course, very possibly the end of the world. Because if you’ve got squid cults, can the end of the world really be that far behind? No. Not at all. China’s having a good year; his previous book The City and The City was deservedly nominated for the Nebula, and the buzz on this one is pretty strong. Folks in the UK get this on May 7; here in the US, we have to wait until the end of June. Well. You have to wait until the end of June. Bwa ha ha hah ha!

* Farlander, by Col Buchanan (Tor UK): Also sent along by the Tor UK folks. In a fantasy world, an apprentice assassin and his master pit themselves against powerful forces, and naturally the fate of nations hang in the balance. Like they do. This debut novel is already out in the UK; it’s apparently been sold in the US but I don’t have a release date for it here.

* The Poison Throne, by Celine Kiernan (Orbit): A young woman returns to the court of an increasingly mad king and finds herself thrown into palace intrigue, which include a missing prince and a reluctant replacement heir. This first installment in a fantasy trilogy got a starred review in Publishers Weekly and is out now.

* Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce (Little, Brown): I don’t generally quote the press releases for books, but this is a snappy little synopsis: “What if instead of a basket of treats, Little Red Riding Hood carried an ax — and wasn’t afraid to use it?” Well, if nothing else, it does call into question what plans she had for her grandmother. This fable revision (featuring two ax-wielding little red riding hoods for the price of one) is out in June.

* Death Most Definite, by Trent Jamieson (Orbit): First book in a new series featuring a fellow named Steven de Selby. His job? Death’s assistant! Hey! Death wants a vente half-caf latte! Although this book isn’t about that, it about what happens when Death goes missing, and de Selby has to deal with the after-effects. Out in August.


Engaging in w00tstockery, June 7 in Minneapolis

Paul and Storm just announced it on their Twitter feed so I’ll note it here, too: I’m going to be a special guest at the w00tstock concert in Minneapolis, this June 7th. I’ll be joining headliners Paul & Storm, Wil Wheaton and Mythbusters’ Adam Savage, along with fellow special guests Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Trace Beaulieu, formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and now of Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic fame. And what will I be doing for my performance? Oh! What I won’t be doing! Point is, there’ll be a whole lot of nerd going down, and I’m going to be part of it. This is currently the only time I expect I’ll be near Minneapolis this year, so if you want to see me, this is where I’ll be.

Now, here’s the thing: The w00tstock will be housed at the Guthrie Theater, and as of this very moment there are only about 100 tickets left. So if you want to go, you best be getting those tickets, my friends. They’re $25 each, which is not a lot of money for several hours worth of high-quality geekery. See you there.


This Week’s Geek

Artist and podcaster Len Peralta has started a project called “Geek a Week,” in which he interviews — and then makes a playing card of — a notable geek. Geeks profiled so far include Jonathan Coulton, Fred Seibert and Veronica Belmont. Who is this week’s geek? Why, I am. Go to the Geek a Week site to see my playing card, which is ridiculously awesome, down to the tattoo (and don’t forget to check out the back side), and while you’re there you can also check out the podcast interview with me.

Seriously, you want to see the playing card. It made me spit Coke Zero out of my mouth when I saw it. And you know how I love my Coke Zero.

And of course if you enjoy the Geek a Week stuff, bookmark it/put it in your RSS feed, because there are 48 more geeks to go.

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