Engaging in w00tstockery, June 7 in Minneapolis

Paul and Storm just announced it on their Twitter feed so I’ll note it here, too: I’m going to be a special guest at the w00tstock concert in Minneapolis, this June 7th. I’ll be joining headliners Paul & Storm, Wil Wheaton and Mythbusters’ Adam Savage, along with fellow special guests Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Trace Beaulieu, formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and now of Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic fame. And what will I be doing for my performance? Oh! What I won’t be doing! Point is, there’ll be a whole lot of nerd going down, and I’m going to be part of it. This is currently the only time I expect I’ll be near Minneapolis this year, so if you want to see me, this is where I’ll be.

Now, here’s the thing: The w00tstock will be housed at the Guthrie Theater, and as of this very moment there are only about 100 tickets left. So if you want to go, you best be getting those tickets, my friends. They’re $25 each, which is not a lot of money for several hours worth of high-quality geekery. See you there.

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  1. Crimney. You’ll be just two hours from me and I won’t be able to go (the wife would get a tad bit upset if I skipped the whole anniversary thing).

  2. Matt Hughes:

    Take the weekend for an anniversary trip!


    Can’t make any of the other w00tstocks this time around, sad to say.

  3. (sobs uncontrollably….)

    Yeah, I figured John… but I had to drop the hint. It’s that whole ‘flying 3000 miles for one night thing’ I suppose. That, and the fact that there’s no In-N-Out in Seattle…

  4. Well dang … that worked.

    Two tickets purchased plus I get to see a play at the Commonweal Theatre down in Lanesboro the day before and stay at a B&B we’ve been interested in. My wife rocks :-)

    I think it was Adam Savage that sold her, but I’ll have to see if I can introduce you to her (she’s heard so much from Viable Paradise).

  5. No In-and-Out Burgers here in MN, either. However, Coke Zero supplies remain plentiful…

    I’m REALLY looking forward to this now.

  6. No In-and-Out, but there are several eating establishments with a certain geek-chic I could recommend.

    Or you could go to all the places that have a Jucy Lucy and decide once and for all which is the true Jucy Lucy burger.

  7. Dude! I have been waiting and hoping for a Wootstock in New England, and instead I get one in Mpls at the beginning of my vacation week when I will be home in Eau Claire anyway! (which is all of an hour and a half away)


    *goes to buy ticket*

  8. I might be able to make this one…have to see if the budget will stretch that far. If they can’t invite me to participate, at least I can come watch.

  9. Sorry for the derail, but holy cow, I must be prescient. Just saw this on the Star Trib website about the ongoing Jucy Lucy burger war: http://bit.ly/9gdMtv

    Still, I can’t wait for this particular w00tstock as it’s utter “w00t-ness” seems to be increasing exponentially.

  10. Just decided on an internship in Minneapolis yesterday… discover Scalzi’s presence today. Amazing.

    Not to thread jack, but sounds like we have some MN natives. Any good suggestions on geeky places to hang out?

  11. Sweet – I just bought two tickets. They are going fast… very few other than singles on the main floor.

    Tim@11 – it’s not a Jucy Lucy war- Matt’s rules! The 58 Club is only a pretender.

    That’s right – I said it :-)

    For those who don’t know, a Jucy Lucy is a burger with double patties with cheese sealed between them. When it comes off the grill, it’s got melted cheesy goodness built right in.

  12. I heartily endorse this product and/or service, and would attend if it was within a time zone of me.

    However, this appears to be more signs of epic fail on the “Do not travel as much” resolution.

  13. @Chris 48: Fun places to go for food and fun, I would recommend Psycho Suzi’s and the Chatterbox Cafe in Minneapolis. There’s more, of course.

    @Steve Hatle: That’s why I’ve been spelling it Jucy Lucy. If it’s spelled “Juicy Lucy”, you’re eating the wrong burger. Matt’s Bar wins.

  14. Well I was all pouty about you not going to Chicago, but the Peter Sagal news cheered me up immensely.

  15. Don’t think I’ll be able to be there (other plans). :(

    Matt’s is the better Jucy Lucy, apologies if I’ve spelt it wrong. If you don’t need the molten cheese explosion in your mouth, Lion’s Tap is a better burger.

    Not so much hang-outs, as places I shop:

    Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore b/w Uncle Edgar’s Mystery Book Store, on Chicago Ave South just north of Lake Street; (5th Ave & 30th St if you count from the numbered streets & avenues)

    Dreamhaven Books has moved, now at 23rd Ave S and East 38th St.

    Mind’s Eye Comics, Thomas Lake Center on Cliff Road in Eagan (south of Minneapolis, over the river.)

  16. Awesome! I will be at W00tstock Mpls, ready to say “hi” and all that. It’s been too long, John. Last time I saw you was when I drove you to a signing at Uncle Hugo’s!

  17. You’ll be able to ask Bill and Kevin for the inside scoop on BaconGate 2009. What really went down inside the Nelson household and did an emergency heart transplant figure into his decision making.

  18. Fiddlesticks, looks like they’re sold out. If you’re doing anything else in Minneapolis outside of w00tstock, Scalzi, let us know. Your admiring public awaits.

  19. Got my tickets! Just now, and it looks like the system is still showing seats for 2-ticket requests, so…

    And, as an added bonus, the Guthrie doesn’t use Tickebastards, so the $25 tickets were, in fact, $25. No convenience fees, no handling fees, no just-’cause-we-feel-like it fees, no fees to save them money by printing at home, nada. How refreshing.

  20. I was waffling about whether or not to attend, since I’d have to go by myself as my wife has no interest in attending. This announcement sealed it for me and shortly after seeing this post I got my ticket. It appears that I’ll be in the first row. (If I’m reading the ticket info correctly.) I’m not sure I’m geek enough to be in the front.

  21. I was wrong, the tickets are NOT sold out. Unless I just bought the last two tickets. In that case, they would be. w00t!

  22. It’s a minor drive from the Guthrie, but just north of the University, at 22nd and Como Ave, should be a joint called Manning’s Bar and Grill, which I attempt to hit every time I get back to the Cities. Having lived in Southern California for four years now, I have yet to find a burger that tops it.

    Yes, my lungs already struggle to hold oxygen due to the collective shocked gasp of the In’N’Out crowd out here, but I’m not drinkin’ the Kool-Aid on that one. The burger doesn’t cut it, and the vaunted I’N’O fries are handily topped by those available under the Arches of Doom.

    Manning’s offers a standard burger at a half pound, or, if you’re feeling a mite peckish, go for the Jumbo Special, clocking in at 12oz. pre-cooked. With all the toppings, the thing will feed half the convention. The fries are true old-school crinkle cut. My recommendation is to request the fries slightly well done, but very few eateries on the planet cook fries long enough for me except by request.

    The famous Apple Pan out here in L.A. serves up a pretty good (and definitely unique) burger indeed, as I discovered a couple years ago, and yet I still pine for the One Burger to Rule Them All in my own demented melon.

    Haven’t been back in a few years. For all I know, management may have changed. But if it’s still there, and you’ve got the time, you could do a lot worse than to give ‘er a whirl. The only place I miss more is the allegedly departed IceScapes of Ypsilanti, MI. Finding good Hawaiian-quality shaved ice out here in Orange County is like pulling teeth. This is California, for (Ooh-La-La!)’s sake. It gets warm here. There should bloody well be more flavored ice here than Starbuckses, my Precious.

    And yeah, Uncle Edgar’s and DreamHaven should be required stops on the tour.

  23. I could swear I typed “Hugo’s” in there where it currently reads “Edgar’s”. Either way, same store in two sections. Story of my life.

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