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Artist and podcaster Len Peralta has started a project called “Geek a Week,” in which he interviews — and then makes a playing card of — a notable geek. Geeks profiled so far include Jonathan Coulton, Fred Seibert and Veronica Belmont. Who is this week’s geek? Why, I am. Go to the Geek a Week site to see my playing card, which is ridiculously awesome, down to the tattoo (and don’t forget to check out the back side), and while you’re there you can also check out the podcast interview with me.

Seriously, you want to see the playing card. It made me spit Coke Zero out of my mouth when I saw it. And you know how I love my Coke Zero.

And of course if you enjoy the Geek a Week stuff, bookmark it/put it in your RSS feed, because there are 48 more geeks to go.

25 Comments on “This Week’s Geek”

  1. Nice stats, man. My new favorite word is “speculative munitions.”

    Do you think you might get a tattoo like that? You know, life imitates art.

  2. LOL thats just awesome!!! Got to love when people take their talents and make awesome stuff!! He’s got a new fan can’t wait to see the others even if I might not know any of them!

  3. At first I couldn’t tell what was funny enough to make you spurt your beverage. Then I realized that it was bacon in the tattoo. Then I had to wipe up some tea.

  4. It’s because he gives you vastly more hair than you normally have, Sylvester Stallone’s old body, and the junior BFG-9000. The tattoo is lagniappe. These are trading cards, right, and not the Geek Major Arcana?

  5. I like any card the incorporates the phrase “pie hole.” I’ll bet none of Mickey Mantle’s cards ever used that.


    Or whatever it is those damn kids say these days….

    Bacon really does make everything better!

  7. I want to say something clever but I can’t stop laughing.

    cat + bacon = Win = giggle, giggle, giggle

  8. You totally need to blow that up and frame it. It would look awesome in the new office.

  9. That’s a pretty buff card. Oh daddy. You should get your girls’ names inked on your arms. With some flowers and butterflys and hearts. Just because it hurts.

  10. Someone took my name over there! Honestly.

    I say LOL all the time, but this time I actually laughed out loud. That card is made of win!

  11. Oooh, he needs to make these and sell them. I’d definitely buy a set. Mr. Peralta does understand each subject he’s using. He does understand you to a T. Bacon and cats. What else does one need in life?

  12. I can so see John using that as his publicity photo when he is GoH at an SF convention.

    And John, thank you for the warning; I put my coffee down before clicking through, which is good, because hot coffee hurts when it goes out ones noze.

  13. Why not commission him to refine a life-size version of the tat and have a small set of temporary tattoos made that you can wear at select public appearances/cons?
    Or is that how rumors get started? I can never tell.
    Yeah, it’d be goofy. But cool. And your skin stays unblemished!

  14. I will never be able to read an OMW novel again without seeing that as the face of John Perry.

    Epic win.

  15. This needs to be posted permanently on this site. Get rid of that oh so boring portrait and put in the Scalzi card.

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