Daily Archives: March 31, 2010

In Some Ways Admirable, In Some Ways Delusional

One of the moderately interesting things I’ve noticed about the rhetoric of those who have badgers in their pants about Obama and/or the Democrats in Congress and/or the new health care laws is how everything that happened or has happened during the passage of the health care bills into law has invariably meant doom for […]

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In Exile

The re-finishing and recarpeting of the house continues apace, and it looks great, which is good, but it means that I’m generally on the move in the house while the carpet layers go from room to room. Which is bad. Today for example, I am exiled to my daughter’s room, because they’re moving furniture out […]

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Today’s Strangely Compelling Silliness

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, redone as the soundtrack to a Nintendo 8-bit game. Somewhere Roger Waters is shivering uncontrollably. Here’s “Time”: Enjoy it before the lawyers get to it.

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