Announcing the Announcement of Something: Or, Did You Know It’s April Fool’s Day?

Because it’s April Fool’s Day and I’m feeling like you’ll all be sad if I don’t mess with your heads today, here’s something for you to jam into your skull and move around:

As you know, last year I took some time to work on something I called That Super Secret Project That I Cannot Tell You About. What was it? Well, duh, I can’t tell you about it.

BUT: very soon — and on a day that’s not April Fool’s Day — I will finally announce what it is to all of you.

So this is the announcement to announce that I will soon be announcing what I’ve been doing that’s worth announcimentation. Consider yourself pre-announcitized.

And in the meantime, I’ll let you speculate on what it might be, by way of a poll, which will have several options, one of which may be the truth! Or may not be, because, hey, it’s April Fool’s Day, and I could just be screwing with you. I mean, probably not, because why would I go through all this effort just to lie to you? But then again, isn’t that exactly what I would say on April Fool’s Day? Of course it is. But honestly, I wouldn’t put you through all this just to poke at you. Most days. Although today I might. Or might not. This could all be a ruse. Indeed, maybe that “Secret Project” was in itself a long con, something I thought up last year and spoon-fed you so I could pay it off today! Mind you, it seems unlikely, as I am famously lazy. But then, it’s because I am lazy that such an elaborate plan would work. You just don’t know.

So anyway, here’s the poll.

Take Our Poll

Answer truthfully.


Fake 3D: An Extra Dimension of Suck?

Over at (the new hangout for my film column) I’m looking at the rush to turn formerly 2D films into 3D eye-poppers, and why I think this is not exactly the best idea Hollywood’s ever had. Not that Hollywood will listen to me. They never listen to me. Well, they’ll get theirs. They’ll all get theirs.

This week it does appear comments have been turned on over there, so I’ll go back to my usual practice of turning them off here and encouraging you to leave yours thoughts on the column over there. If you leave comments, it makes me look like people actually read me! And that will keep me from getting fired. Maybe.

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