Happy Easter

Off today with family. Will be back briefly this afternoon to list the Hugo nods when they are announced, because I know you will want to know, you crazy geeks, you. But otherwise, don’t expect to see me until tonight at the earliest. Enjoy your day.

(P.S. live webcast of the Hugo nomination announcements will be here.)

11 Comments on “Happy Easter”

  1. But, Scalzi has been asked a hundred times what he’s doing in Ohio… so, we know how they got there. Which sorta takes all the mystery and half the joy out of them, doesn’t it?

  2. I don’t think these folks are family. They seem a bit cold and unyielding, which is something John are Krissy are not. They must be from some sect not generally associated with Ohio. 8D

  3. I want a head like the heads you see on Easter Island.

    I want a big, strong forehead. I want to stand up tall.

    I want a head like the heads you see on Easter Island. I want to stare at the seaside and do nothing, at all.


  4. Whoa – that’s a Midwestern Scandinavian male family chat…

    Dad and all the uncles would stand outside, in a line, all facing the same way, and talk about cars, farming, politics or whatever without ever actually _facing_ one another.

    It was usually staring out into the cornfield, but if we were at our house in the city, they would stand in the back yard and face the apple tree.

    Best (or worst) part is, now my male cousins and I do it unconsciously as well. Imprinting runs deep :-)

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