By Request

Ghlaghghee, photographed by Athena, who remarked, “the camera just loves her.” Well, yes. Yes it does.

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  1. “Is that camera absolutely necessary? Oh, very well. If my public demands it, then I shall acquiesce. Is the light acceptable? Does it bring out my eyes? Do this right, human. I know the art of the hairball.”

  2. O Great Scalzi, what an absolutely superb picture of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee.

    This image of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection meets all of the basic criteria the Executive Committee has set forth. Our only quibble is that She is not dominating the frame as Mighty Lopsided Cat did in the previous offering.

    However, as Athena has demonstrated significant promise in replacing you as Her Imager (not that you set a particularly high bar) we will let this slide.

    For now.

    Practice makes perfect and we expect to see much more practice.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – For a change, your caption was inoffensive. But your title was completely inaccurate. This was not by request, it was by unanimous demand of the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club.

  3. A Great picture of she who must be obeyed-Ghlaghghee!! I would to relate to you John a incident that just happened. Today we met with our homeroom students in preperation for Phase II of the Louisiana Graduate Exit Exam (GEE) which will be taken statewide next Monday and Tuesday. During Phase I which was three weeks ago one of my homeroom students (Nathan Palencia) finished early and asked if I had anything to read. I told him as a matter of fact I did and let read my copy of Old Man’s War. He told me today that he LOVED it. I then let him have my copy of The Ghost Brigades today!! He started reading it in homeroom!! Another convert to the SCALZI NATION!!!! Nathan is also a member of the school science fiction club.

  4. Are Ghlaghghee and LC’s eyes really as different in colour as it looks in these photographs, or is it just the lighting? His are so intensely green, while hers are so vividly blue, that it’s quite stunning when you have the pictures side by side.

  5. You know, sometimes I think you post pictures of your animals just for the entertainment of reading C/NC’s comments. (I’m not complaining – this is a good reason.)

  6. Ghlaghghee has the most beautiful smirk. Possibly she knows what you’re going to find in your shoe when you least expect it.

  7. The line “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” comes to mind, even though I know she doesn’t really care what you think.

  8. I think the hypno-toad has a rival! All glory to Ghlaghghee…

    If you dare!

  9. I know its been posted before, but what is the correct pronunciation of Ghlaghghee?

    I want to be sure that what I’m saying in my head is what is correct.

    (Edinburgh still throws me when I hear it spoken correctly .. I wonder if Scotts think we’re weird when we say Pittsburgh?)

  10. @ tommyrocks – the correct pronunciation is “Fluffy.”

    Pic of Zeus now, please?

  11. Hey, just got here. So, let’s see what we have today…

    ::examines picture::

    Ah. You’re done with Fuzzies and moving on to Gremlins. Cool. GO GET ‘EM, GIZMO!

    (Great pix, Athena.)

  12. Very nice pic. I add my compliments to Athena on suburb picturograpghy.

    I had no clue there were SO many LOL-happy folks trolling the Scalzi threads. I likes it.

    Party on LOL Lovers.

  13. Athena is obviously learning to photograph on the Most Worthy Subjects. And she is showing promise. She missed the halo, obviously, and did not take it from a proper “submissive kneeling posture,” but it is a worthy step along the road to enlightenment.

    Well Done.

    (Snickers, returning control of the keyboard to my minion… for now. Observe the true way to dominate your servants: )

  14. @tommyrocks, cassie: Perchance the Great Scalzi might make “It’s pronounced ‘Fluffy'” one of his taglines.

  15. such beautiful pictures and both met with the approval of chang, who is not chang. has that ever happened to scalzi? two approvals in a row i mean? (makes a mental note to plumb the scary depths of the whatever’s archives.)

    i guess the next progression is for athena to start writing these entries. and change the name of the site to “whatEVAR” or “well DUH!” or some such. :)

  16. Over galactic arms, through nebulae, how long have we sought thee, oh latest incarnation of perfection. Your throne arrives on yon starcruiser imminently.

    What would you have us do with the planet full of humans, Most Felicitous Felid?

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