Your Deep Thought For a Saturday

Perspective matters. You may be annoyed with your dog for drinking out of your toilet, but think how your dog feels about you pooping in her water bowl.

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  1. Given most dogs’ propensity to be interested in strange poop, it probably wouldn’t feel too bad.

  2. The first time I saw my cat drink from the toilet I gave up all hope of ever getting a cool movie of him doing the poop&flush all humanlike. No changing perspectives once you’re there.

  3. My neighbor has a yappity mutt. I poop in his water bowl whenever chance affords. It’s hard, must have arboreal tree-climbing skills. There is an overhanging tree bough in my backyard, stretches right over his dog house and bowl . . . revenge is best served at sunrise . . .

  4. 42.

    No pets, either. The worst I have to worry about is the rodent in the garage which will find his access blocked in a week or so when the contractor fixes the door frame.

  5. And I’ve always wondered why my dog gives me a dirty look when I pick up a book before heading to the bathroom…

  6. Thank goodness my dog is too small and stupid to figure out how to drink out of the toilet.

  7. luckily my corgi cannot reach the toilet to drink out of it. she does, however, insist on bumping open the bathroom door to visit whomever might be ensconced therein. closed doors are an incredible affront to a corgi’s highly refined sensibilities. :)

    now if i could only figure out how she manages this even when the door is latched. . .

  8. My *cat* comes running to sound of a flushing toilet. He leans on the lid like barfly leans on the waitstaff railings, and sucks up gallons like he’s drinking directly from the beer tap.

    Other than that, he’s all feline.

  9. My dog eats cat poop. That’s all I need to know about our relative tolerance for grossness.

  10. My dog, who likes to pull on the leash, will stop dead in her tracks if I drop it. She’ll wait patiently for me to pick it up and then begin pulling again. You know, I might get lost.

  11. Yeah, dogs eat all kinds of things.

    My dog’s trainer calls cat poop “Kitty Broca.”


    When I run the water for my shower in the morning, I stick a bucket (actually a small wastepaper basket) under the faucet. It’s about 2/3 full by the time the water is warm.

    I leave the bucket right by the toilet. It’s the dog’s alternate water supply. As far as I know, she’s never actually drunk from the toilet.

    In the morning, I use whatever water is left over to flush the toilet, leaving the bucket empty for the morning’s shower.

  12. We thought our cat was getting sick awhile back because we hadn’t had to fill her water dish for a few days then we saw her standing on the toilet seat and we figured it out.

  13. That reminds me of the line in the movie revenge of the nerds. “What if C,A,T, really spelled dog.

  14. Guess, you are forcing me to use a hated phrase: you know what happens to people who assume.

    I’ve never had a dog drink out of the toilet, but used to have a cat that did. She had a water bowl on each floor of the house. she preferred the toilet water.

  15. I was going to say: teach your cats to use the toilet and your dog will think you a hero!

    On a sideline note: The digestive system of a cat is remarkably bad at extracting protein. This is why cat food is high in protein (so they will eventually get -some-). This also means that cat poop is high in protein. Hence, why dogs consider them so dillectable.

  16. You do realize that when you flush a toilet the contents of the bowl becomes aerosolized!? Think about that for a few seconds (your hairbrush, your toothbrush…) This renders the age-old seat-up/seat-down problem moot, as the the lid should be down at all times, except when actually making a deposit.

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