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And Now, A Brief Moment of Public Recognition (and Thanks)

You folks found out about Fuzzy Nation a week ago and it was sold to a publisher pretty rapidly after that, so from an outside point of view it looks like things went pretty quickly. But behind the scenes this process took months and months to happen, and it simply would not have gotten done […]

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Fuzzy Nation Sold

Well, that’s sorted, then: This is your official notice that Fuzzy Nation has been sold to Tor Books, which tentatively will publish the novel in about a year, more or less, give or take. I’m deeply pleased to have the book find a home with Tor, which has published all my novel-length fiction to date, […]

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So, Taxes

Done yours yet? Ours were done in March (yay! Accountant!) and we owed (boo! Taxes!) but we figured we might so we had budgeted for it (yay! Foresight!) and for the quarterly estimated payment which we also had to send in (boo! Taxes!). I’m not one who thinks taxes are inherently evil or that I […]

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The Big Idea: Ian Tregillis

Author Ian Tregillis had an interesting challenge while working on his debut alt-history/fantasy novel Bitter Seeds: dealing with a character in the book who knew where the story was going better than he did. How does a character — a creature of the author’s own mind — end up having that sort of power? I […]

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