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Just Arrived, 4/14/10

Here’s what’s new on my desk today: * Newspaper Blackout, by Austin Kleon (Harper Perennial): In which Kleon takes newspaper articles and blacks out everything but certain words, which are then turned into poetry of a sort. It’s almost like classified document haiku! Not entirely surprisingly, based on a blog. Sheesh, people printing books from […]

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Science Fiction Not From “SciFi Directors”

Over at AMC’s FilmCritic.com site, I’ve put up a list of directors who made great science fiction films — without being known in the industry as “science fiction directors.” Who is in this rare breed? Some bigger names than you might think. Take a look, and if you have any thoughts on the column — […]

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The Cilantro Division

Which is not the title of my upcoming novel featuring space travel and cooking. It’s me musing on this article in the New York Times, about why a significant number of people dislike the taste of cilantro, associating it with the taste of soap or something worse. This makes me sad for those people, because […]

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