Two Quick Links for a Friday Afternoon

Well, I’m certainly dragging my ass around; the Friday Afternoon Ennui hit about 10 am and I’ve been useless ever since. So here are a couple of links for you to check out.

Plastic Axe: My friend and former Official PlayStation Magazine editor Joe Rybicki has started this blog focused on what’s hot and happening with music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, keeping you up to date on the latest editions and downloadable content while making it fun to read. And it is fun to read — I read it every day and I haven’t bought a music game since Dance Dance Revolution. So go over there right this very instant and check it out.

The Weekend Assignment: Those of you who remember my tenure at AOL Journals will recall that every week I gave people a writing assignment to do over the weekend, called (fittingly enough!) The Weekend Assignment. When I left AOL Journals, Karen Funk Blocher took up the task, and now she and fellow former AOLer Carly are keeping it alive at its own dedicated blog. If you’re looking for a little weekend inspiration when it comes to blogging, this is the place to go.

There, that should keep you busy for now. I know how you like being busy.

9 Comments on “Two Quick Links for a Friday Afternoon”

  1. You always want us to stay busy. What is it that you’re scheming while we’re so busy?

  2. Hi John :)

    Thanks so much for the plug. We loved the Weekend Assignment, and enjoy carrying on the tradition very much! You’re super!

    -Carly :)

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