Taking Off the Weekend

On account it’s my lovely wife’s birthday weekend, and guess what? I’m going to spend time with her. See you Monday.

47 thoughts on “Taking Off the Weekend

  1. She could spend the day sitting next to you and watching you type.

    Or not.

    (Best wishes, Krissy, and have fun not watching John type.)

  2. Many happy returns of the day, Krissy!

    (Is this one of those caption contests? “Heh. Wonder what happens if I pull that little tab on his head?”

  3. Happy Birthday Krissy!

    My own lovely wife’s birthday is today as well. Unfortunately, her parents are in town for the weekend, so the opportunities for us to misbehave are limited…

  4. Are you certain that’s what she wants or is it what she says she wants? Kinda like when she says: “Gee honey, thanks for the wonderful new toaster! I’ve always wanted a new toaster but I would never go out and splurge on such a terrific appliance that’s just for me!”

  5. @Kenneth: more like “I wonder if he knows about the “kick me” sign I put on his back”.

  6. I was thinking he looked like John Hillerman (playing Jonathan Quayle Higgins III in Magnum, P.I.) with the Damsel-in-Distress of the week.

    Happy birthday, Krissy!

  7. thanks for putting up with you-know-who i need scalzi happy scalzi writes better when he’s happy i’m happy when scalzi is happily writing the blogosphere needs more happiness whatever and more things happening on the weekends anyway happy bday

  8. It is a little scary how Krissy looks right through your SKULL AND READS YOUR EVERY THOUGHT OFF THE SURFACE OF YOUR BRAIN!! At least she’s smiling while she does it, so that’s ok.

    Happy birthday, K!

  9. Happy birthday and all the best to Krissy, whose birthday I will never forget because it also happens to be mine (and my grandma’s).

  10. Happy Birthday! Love the photo. ‘Bout time there was one of Krissy. There were photos of Athena, Athena’s bedroom, cats (even cats that don’t regularly live with you), the dog, the yard, the office, etc. etc. Wife has been neglected in the photo department. Glad to see that remedied.

  11. She seems rather interested in the back of John’s head in that photo for some reason…

  12. Happy birthday Krissy!

    Funny, I did the same thing, take my wife on a weekend for her birthday.
    We went to Brugge which I can recommend to anyone!

    Where did you go?

  13. Happy Birthday Krissy!!! Many happy returns!!!
    John, I did not know that you robbed the cradel!
    I hope yall had a wounderful weekend.

  14. @htom, you read my mind! even though I hadn’t had that thought yet. that’s some superpower!

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