Just Arrived

Just Arrived, 4/19/10

Because books arrive even when I’m away from Teh Intarweebs!

* Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel, by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, adapted by Tony Lee, Illustrated by Cliff Richards (Del Rey): Really? I mean, come on, now, guys. Really? Also: Really? Out May 4.

* Insatiable, by Meg Cabot (Willam Morrow): Meena Harper doesn’t believe in vampires, but do vampires believe in her? Inasmuch as this is touted to be a modern-day sequel to Dracula, I think you can guess what the answer to this might be. Out in June.

* Labyrinth, by Kat Richardson (Roc): The latest Greywalker novel, featuring the back-from-the-dead-but-not-undead heroine Harper Blaine, tracking down the guy who killed her, even if the death didn’t take. The catch: he’s dead, and it did take. Never a dull moment, man. Scheduled for August 3.

* The Fuller Memorandum, by Charles Stross (Ace): Charlie’s back with another Laundry Files novel, which means more chthonic bad guys vs. English bureaucracy, featuring computation demonologist Bob Howard. Honestly, why The Laundry Files isn’t its own BBC series by this point is completely beyond me. This one is out July 6.

* Robert Heinlein, Volume 1: Learning Curve (1907 – 1948), by William H. Patterson, Jr. (Tor): This first installment of a two-book authorized biography takes Robert Heinlein from birth to his marriage to Virginia Gerstenfeld (i.e., Ginny Heinlein). Lots happens in between. Expect this first volume in August.

* The Return of the Great Depression, by Vox Day (WND Books): Conservative commenter and occasional Whatever visitor Vox Day argues that the recession is far from over, and indeed the worst may be yet to come. Wheee! Out now.

* Genesis, by Bernard Beckett (Mariner): In a post-apocalyptic future, a precocious student prepares for a final examination that will decide her future in ways she can’t even imagine. Out May 11.

* The Last Page, by Anthony Huso (Tor): A newly coronated young king and his mysterious former lover face a nation on the brink of a bloody civil war. Can magic avert the crisis — or will it bring it on? Debut novel for Huso, this one’s coming in August.


Reminder: I’m in Toronto on Friday

If you are in or around the area of Toronto, this is a reminder that I will be amongst you on Friday, because I am doing an appearance at the Merril Collection of the Toronto Public Library. More specifically, I will be appearing at 7:00 P.M. in the Merril Collection reading room, 3rd floor, 239 College Street, Lillian Smith Branch of the Toronto Public Library.

And what will I be doing when I appear? Oh, you know. Some singing, some dancing, and hosting special guest appearances by M*A*S*H’s Gary Burghoff, Shields and Yarnell, and, of course, Charo. Between us we will re-enact the Star Wars Christmas Special in its entirety! Or, in the event of cancellation by my special guests, I suppose I’ll maybe I’ll do my usual thing of standing up there and blathering on until people tell me to shut up and just sign their books, which is why people came out in the first place. Either way it should be fun.

So come on out and see me. Attendance is free but seats will fill up fast, so get there early. Remember that the first three rows of seats will get wet! So bring a tarp (note: you will not need to bring a tarp (note: he’s lying, you totally will (note: shut up, man, I’m not Gallagher (note: No, but you, like, spit a lot when you talk (note: I do not (note: he totally does (note: I will now strangle you (note: *choke*))))))))

See you there.

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