A Note I Probably Should Have Posted Prior to Wednesday

It is:

Hey, because of travel and other non-stare-at-teh-Intarweebs commitments, my posting schedule here for the next couple of weeks is likely to be light and/or the postings will be short. I know! Real life! How dare it intrude on your Web meanderings! But that’s just how it is sometimes, man. You just have to find the inner fortitude to deal with it. I believe in you.

13 Comments on “A Note I Probably Should Have Posted Prior to Wednesday”

  1. I’m glad to know you believe in me! I now have the strength to face the world!

    I feel — happy! I feel — happy! {thonk}

    Thanks, John!

  2. Hey, sometimes you just gotta screw your courage to the sticking point and face that big room where they have that thing called “weather”… you know the stuff, photon cannons and water falling from the ceiling and somebody turned the fans up way too high and made’em run intermittent or something…. it’s a dangerous place, but it can be fun. Just make sure you wipe your shoes when you’re done. oh, right, shoes…

  3. Why don’t you just hire a temp to ghost-blog for you while you are away? Isn’t that what all the big celebrities do these days?

    Safe travels.

  4. i bet athena would blog for you. or at least post pictures of things for us to look at while you’re gone. :P

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