In Toronto

And posting the obligatory “view out my hotel window” picture:

Delighted to say the trip in was pleasantly uneventful, which is what you want when engaging in international travel.

Now to catch up on e-mail and to free comments from the previous post trapped in the moderation queue.

Remember, Torontonians: I am here in town for a reason. Hope to see you all tomorrow evening. Well, not all of you. I’m pretty sure the Merril Collection reading room could not fit four million people. But hope to see a fair representative slice of you in any event.


Your “Hey I’m Traveling” Pimp Thread

I’ll be heading inching toward Toronto most of the way, so while I’m away, why not take the opportunity to suggest something cool to the rest of the folks around here? Could be a book, some music, a Web site or Whatever; could be something you are doing, a friend is doing, or something someone utterly unrelated to you is doing. Whatever it is, tell people about in the comments.

One note: As always, I suggest that you do one link per comment, because the site’s moderation software will automatically boot you into moderation with three or more links, and sometimes does it with two. As I’m traveling most of the day, I won’t be able to do get into the moderation queue frequently, so single link comments are best. You can make more than one comment, however.

If you do get punted into the moderation thread, don’t panic; I will get to it by late afternoon or early evening.

So: I’m out of here. What cool thing do you want to point everyone else to?

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