In Toronto

And posting the obligatory “view out my hotel window” picture:

Delighted to say the trip in was pleasantly uneventful, which is what you want when engaging in international travel.

Now to catch up on e-mail and to free comments from the previous post trapped in the moderation queue.

Remember, Torontonians: I am here in town for a reason. Hope to see you all tomorrow evening. Well, not all of you. I’m pretty sure the Merril Collection reading room could not fit four million people. But hope to see a fair representative slice of you in any event.

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  1. If you have some time, I’d suggest trying to take the ferry to the Toronto Islands. It’s a nice little slice of hobbit life away from the big city while still being in the big city. (There’s also a boardwalk, mini amusement park, hedgemaze, nifty gardens…)

  2. Recommendation if you like hot chocolate or really wicked coffee beverages: Bulldog. Best latte’s in the city and AWESOME hot chocolate.

    It’s at 89 Granby St. (google maps will tell you). If I’m not mistaken by your photo it’s very easily within walking distance.

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

    Touristy request: Say… I’m going to Columbus in two months. Is there anyplace there I, as a tourist but with little time, must see?

  3. …for some reason, I feel like this should be followed by, “Be a real shame if something happened to it.”

    But I have no idea what that means.

  4. If that’s Allen Gardens, then John is about 3-4 minutes away from my place. Hey John, want some coffee? We have Survivor on, and I know you adore reality TV…

  5. Looking forward to hearing you discuss your latest book. And, hoping you brought a few spares for those of us who haven’t been able to pick up one up yet.

  6. Hope you enjoy your visit to the golden horseshoe, don’t worry they cleaned up all the manure not long after the garbage strike cleared up in Toronto last year. If you do find any megolithic poops, you might consider reporting it to natural resources Canada.

  7. “When you have time, you’re going to Carousel Bakery to get peameal bacon on a sourdough bun for breakfast, right?”

    Bah! Bah, I say! Carousel is for tourists. Go to Sausage King (almost next door) for some good peameal. Make sure to get some of the chili garlic sauce on it. I’m told it’s an old Hungarian recipe.

  8. The Other Keith, the phrase you’re looking for is “Be a real shame if something happened to it, eh?” But of course, in Canada that’s literal and not an intimation of a threat.

  9. See the wonders of Yonge Street, but most importantly, visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. It should be required.

  10. Glad to see your border crossing was uneventful, considering the possibilities.

    Trying to think of something useful to say about Toronto, but I’d best leave that to the locals. Instead…

    –Insert oblig. Canadian bacon cat joke here–

  11. Delighted to say the trip in was pleasantly uneventful, which is what you want when engaging in international travel.

    Of course, with intranational travel, you want fun and adventure and really wild things.

  12. Canadian bacon is neither Canadian nor bacon. Discussion over.

    Good peameal (and any place at St. Lawrence has good peameal) is a blessing from the gods.

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