Update on Me

I’m in LA.

I’m here on business.

No, it’s not on movie business.

No, I can’t tell you what business.

But when I can you’ll agree it’s pretty damn cool.

How are you?

49 Comments on “Update on Me”

  1. How long after you stepped off the plane did it take you to get your Inn-N-Out double-double?

    Inquiring minds want to know . . .

    – et –

  2. Awake at 2 a.m EST doing narrations. Wishing I were sleeping. :)

    Be safe out there in LA. Can’t wait to hear more good news.

  3. @ -et- The In N’ Out Burger on Sepulveda seems to be the closest to LAX. Depending on whether he checked his luggage, he could probably have acquired a Double Double in as little as ten to fifteen minutes.

  4. Showtime is making “Old Man’s War: The Series,” produced by David Milch?

    (It’s not a movie deal, technically, and Showtime needs a genre show to counter True Blood and Game of Thrones.)

  5. Doing well on this end. Collecting final papers for the semester and procrastinating on grading them. So it’s nice to find a welcoming comment box to help prevent it for that much longer.

    Hope your time in LA goes well, and here’s hoping that you’re working on an Old Man’s War series on a premium network! ;)

  6. Getting married in 18 days.

    So, you know. Good. Busy. Should probably make a dress or something. I hear that’s traditional.

    Hope you’re enjoying L.A.

  7. I can’t imagine you’re there for Daryl Gates’ funeral. I’m not either, though I’m going to be in LA today too. It’s going to make the traffic around downtown very special.

  8. I’m guessing Scalzi’s bounty hunting for Randy Quaid and got a hot tip about his whereabouts.

    No? Hm. OK. Then something to do with Star Gate Universe.

  9. You never tell us what you’re doing. But you do ask how we’re doing. You missed all the fog yesterday morning (or were you here yesterday?). Very pretty but not nice to drive through.

  10. You enjoy teasing us don’t you?

    I’m stressing as usual, but the semester ends next week!

    Now if I can just figure out how to get a thesis to port directly from my brain to fully-referenced text I’ll be great!

  11. I’m annoyed at you right now, but otherwise I’m looking forward to the birth of my daughter, which is 2.5 months away. Not soon enough.

  12. I’m just twiddling my fingers in wait for this mandatory reorganization meeting at work this afternoon that I expect will lower my quality of life.

  13. Fuzzy Nation has been optioned for a TV series, and you’re going to consult?

    Congratulations to several posters above; may all of those good things go even better than you hope. I’m fine, thanks for asking.

  14. *sigh* I wish I was in L.A., instead of in Fresno. But that’s just me.

    I was in Berkeley yesterday, and how the city has let Telegraph Avenue go is really depressing. I know it’s bad times economically and all, but can’t they do something about the graffitti and the general grit and grime? Especially seeing as they seem to be in the middle of converting a bunch of the space over the shops to student housing. It never used to be dirty like that when I used to spend quite a bit of time in Berkeley.

    It did cheer me up a bit, however, to spend about an hour and a half in Moe’s Books.

  15. I almost ended up in LA last week due to extremely bad directions given by my husband on a drive from Portland OR to Walnut Creek CA. Another couple hundred miles and we would have been there!

  16. You tease.
    I’m ok. PC got a rootkit of some kind. Spent a bunch of time trying to ID it so I could kill it. No luck on that front. McAfee suport=sell you a $90 removal service. It also didn’t help that McAfee put out a dat that thought a sys file was a virus and removed it. Microsoft support was enthusiastic but not very good. Ran all kinds of scans and removers without actually looking at any of the logs that the scans generated.
    So I reinstalled the OS. You don’t realize how many patches MS puts out until you have to reinstall all of them at once.
    Sigh. Ah well at least my registry is clean now.
    Now I need to crack the case and figure out what sound card I have. It isn’t auto installing. It is pretty vintage.
    To all the Macophiles who are going to jump in this PC is seven or eight years old and this was the first problem I have had. Well except for when the BIOS battery failed.

  17. My novel (from TOR, incidentally) just went into its 2nd printing, my company is taking us all to Mexico, and I’ve got the best girlfriend in the world. I’m good.

  18. My life’s going well. Settling in after spending a week in San Francisco, which I really enjoyed, although my wife not so much. Which is fine – I’m a bit too settled here in Denver to move to the left coast right now.

  19. If you’re tired on In-N-Out, (hey, it could happen) there’s always Tito’s Tacos over on Washington.

  20. Can I wildly theorize that you’re going to have a cameo on SG:U?

    Except they film in Vancouver with every other syndicated drama, don’t they. OK, a cameo on something else.

  21. i’m going through caffeine withdrawal and it sucks. otherwise, i’m okay. thanks for asking.

  22. @Rembrant:

    Astra32 might tell you what kind of sound card you’ve got, and no need to crack the case nor peer at old, faded stickers.

  23. I’m excellant!

    Leaving Monday for 2 weeks in Denver for training on specialized equipment which by itself is no big deal but…
    Since I’m there over the weekend, I’m taking the rental car north to see my Mom in Scottsbluff NE.
    Over Mother’s day weekend! How perfect is that. I haven’t seen her in 2.5 years and I get to go visit on Mother’s day. I get all sorts of “good son” point for that I’m sure.

    Well, skip the points, that doesn’t matter, I’m just glad I can go at all and it worked out.

  24. You’re here to drive the Weinermobile, aren’t you? http://twitpic.com/1ivyfs

    Hope you weren’t caught in the crazy traffic on Wilshire this afternoon. Now that I’m back in the office, I’m doing much better.

  25. Hey, I will be in LA too! Or, at least, LA airspace, from approximately 5:10 pm to 5:20 pm, depending on how well the plane keeps its schedule.

    I’ll wave.

  26. Thanks Kevin Williams, I’ll check it out. Even though I already cracked the case.
    The PC is acting twitchy again. I wonder if the rootkit is in the BIOS or if the format didn’t clear the boot sector.

  27. @ #32, by JD

    Spy. It is spy business.

    Oh, great. Now he has to kill all of us.

    Remember: loose lips sink ships kill commenters.

  28. John, you are SUCH a tease! But the last big secret was so cool when you finally revealed it that I think I forgive you.

  29. You’re hand-delivering a script for SGU that doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out then pour acid into the bleeding sockets?

  30. COOP, I watched Ninja Assassin yesterday and I did not see John in the movie, so I think we can rule out ninjas.

    I’m doing pretty good, John, thanks for asking. Just swapped out the submersible sump pump who’s seals decided to go bad overnight and put 1″ of water in the basement. I’m grateful for solvable problems. Two final projects (making Battleship in VB.net and a Blackjack game in Python) and three more weeks of spring semester to go and I’m finished my AA finally.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to get grants or student loans for the late-returning-to-college types like me, please let me know. I can see getting my Masters of Science knocked out by the time I’m 50! 0.0 inorite?

    Have a great evening, Whateverites!

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