The New Desk

Got home from my LA travels this week to discover the new desk had arrived and been set up in the office:

Those of you with memory will note the desk is considerably smaller than my previous work desk, and intentionally so: Having a massive L-shaped desk proved conducive to gathering clutter, something I’m hoping to avoid from here on out. The new desk has room for a monitor, a keyboard and a couple of other things, and that’s pretty much it. I also commissioned a matching filing cabinet, which you also see here. I suspect I may shuffle a few things around, but by and large, this is what it will look like moving forward.

Still awaiting arrival: The new bookshelves, and when they arrive, additional furniture and wall hangings, at which point the office will be officially complete. But now that the desk is in I can start working in the office again, which is a nice feeling after a couple of months of exile. It’s good to be home, basically.

Science Fiction Film Summer Preview

Whilst I am winging my way across this great country of ours (presuming you are from in the United States — this statement not applicable in all the other 200+ nations in the world), here’s something to keep you amused: A quick glance at the surprisingly sci-fi-light summer film season. Let’s just say it’s not likely to be a vintage year, science fictionally speaking. As always, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts over on the AMC site.

Early Wednesday Morning Check In

Well, the thing I came to California to do is done, and it went pretty well, if I do say so myself, and I’m sure I will tell you about it when I can tell you about it, which isn’t right this moment. For now, just know I’m happy about it.

And now my plan is to lapse into unconsciousness and then get up at a ridiculously early hour, because I have to be at an airport to fly home. As one often does when one travels. I’ll check in with you all Wednesday evening, when I get home. Stay off the furniture until then, okay?