Marjorie Liu’s New Video Game

I am off to the Romance Times Booklover’s Convention, at which I will do panels and sign books (and before the uninformed among you snicker, note that I am the recipient of a Romantic Times Critics Choice Award for The Last Colony, so they’ve been good to me) and hopefully see some friends. I’ll be gone all day, so have fun without me.

Tangentially related to this, let me congratulate my friend, paranormal romance writer Marjorie M. Liu, because yesterday marked the release of a video game based on her books: Tiger Eye Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box. The game, which is available for PC now (and for Mac in May) is a paranormal romance “casual game” that more or less follows the characters and events of Marjorie’s debut novel. You can learn more about the game by following the link above, and if you want to check it out, the game starts at just $6.99 (with deluxe versions costing a few dollars more).

I’m only slightly jealous Marjorie has a video game based on her book. Mostly I think it’s pretty cool.

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  1. A great (future) blog would be if you would describe what sort of video game you would want if one was made for the “Old Man’s War” universe.

  2. For anyone who is interested, Ms. Liu is appearing at Alter Ego Comics this weekend, along with Sean McKeever, for Free Comic Book Day.

    422 East McGalliard Road
    Muncie, IN 47303-2079
    (765) 282-5297

    I hope you don’t mind the pimp, but Jason, the owner, is a really cool guy and I’d love to see a big turnout for him.

  3. If you see Jim Butcher (who’s also appearing), please give him a (INSERT VIOLENT ACTION HERE) for the ending of “Changes”, won’t you? Punch, kick, girly slap….I won’t quibble.

  4. Please tell me this is an adventure game a la “King’s Quest” and its ilk… I haven’t played a good adventure game in ages. (Why don’t people like these games? What’s wrong with you people?)

  5. Stephen: I doubt it. It looks from the screenshot like a variation on the hidden object genre. That said, let me introduce you to Telltale Games. They’re probably the most successful company doing adventure games these days, in an episodic serial format; their most recent season, Tales of Monkey Island, was excellent, and their current season, The Devil’s Playhouse, is shaping up to be even better. Unlike most companies that have promised an episodic format, Telltale are rock solid on their releases for nearly two years now.

  6. From the screen shot I figured it was either an adventure game or a hidden object game.

    So, LucasArts gave up Monkey Island? (At least, that who I seem to recall did them when I was a kid.) I remember that one… had a crazy sense of humor!

  7. I’m still waiting on an FPS set in the OMW universe. I’ve pestered you about it before, and all my friends who’ve read OMW (and pretty much all my friends have) agree that it would be an awesome game, so long as the developers don’t intentionally fuck it up.

    Do you hear that, Blizzard or Bungie or UBIsoft or whomever? If you make an Old Man’s War video game, I will buy it! Hell, I’ll buy TWO copies of it, maybe even the deluxe version. PLEASE LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY!

  8. Congrats Marjorie!
    I love video games, but they can use all the real-author help they can get. Glad to see it says the script was written by the author, rather than just being based on her books.

  9. Just out of curiosity, what percentage of time do you actually see your wife? That is NOT meant to be snarky, just wondering…

  10. Only “slightly” jealous. Hmmm, perhaps because the big secret you aren’t telling yet is that you ARE getting a video game based on your works! And this was the reason for your trip to LA?

    I’m calling it.

  11. Well it had been a good day till my car decided it really couldn’t go any further if it didn’t get some new tires right now.

  12. And if you see Jim Butcher give him a kiss from me for the brilliant conclusion to the Dresden series, Changes. Don’t want to give *******SPOILERS******* but Mike Kranjcevich @3, how did you think it would end? It could have happened anytime in the 12 books. Also there was a big get-out clause, did you not notice?

  13. @Pat: Saw the big get out clause, found out that the upcoming Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files has a story in it that shows what Murphy finds 45 minutes afterward, AND that book 13 is scheduled for next April. But it had been a bad day when I finished the book, and that was just the cherry on the crud cake.

    Thus, the need for petty revenge!!! ;)

  14. I vote for a golf and lawyer sim based on Judge Sn’s adventures. Also, the possibility of someone modding Mass Effect: OMW version if they put their mind and hours into it isn’t quite out in left field either.

    On the other topic: I also agree with Mike (#3 and #15) Changes annoyed me to no end. Then again I also had a bad day: I had just finished the Codex Alera conclusion, and was constantly interrupted by sick kids. Both books suffered from the same problem, ***spoiler*** too much confusing ***obvious spoiler*** and too little character development. ***end spoiler***. It ended up being just tedious, with a couple of brilliant moments. Fortunately I spent the next two days laughing as I read “Agent to the Stars” for the first time. That was pick-me-up like no other.

  15. I doubt I’m the only game developer reading your blog. It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who’d be interested in making a game with you, or based on your stories. (If you want to know more about games from the point of view of a writer, then I strongly recommend that you talk to Mark Barrett over at

  16. I am wondering about the lives of all the other geeks that hang out here….are you as odd as you seem?

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