Quick Romantic Times Recap

I had a one-day, zoom-in, zoom out appearance at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Columbus today and aside from yet more driving added to my already prodigious weekly tally, it was actually a very good time — my panels were good and for my signing I got to sit next to Harley Jane Kozak, actress and mystery writer, who was just lovely and good company; we ended up exchanging books.

I also saw some friends (Holly Black, Kat Richardson, Sarah Zettel, Diana Rowland among them) and met some fun new folks, including Nicole Peeler, Carrie Ryan, Charlaine Harris, the aforementioned Ms. Kozak, and the crew at Romantic Times magazine, who were all very nice to me. Natalie Luhrs, the science fiction reviewer there, however, gifted me with perhaps the most evil CD ever created in the history of history. She frequents the comments here so I will let her reveal the black depths of her sinister compilation; suffice to say I expect it violates the Geneva conventions in an awesome sort of way.

In short: glad I went, even if only for the day.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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So much fun talking to you again and listening to your humorous stories! Next time, I hope you’ll be able to stay for a drink too. Can’t wait to put that excellent photo up on my blog when I get the time.

@8: The “The Final Countdown” reference reminds me of its best appearance EVER in science fiction (although, for all I know, it might be the only appearance): John Ringo and Travis Taylor’s _Vorpal Blade_. Hilarious!

If you like – or hate – memorable cover versions, then starting at about 1:45 into this video, you will find what YouTube inadequately titles as “Quite possibly the greatest Beatles cover ever.”

I can’t recall any song from the 80s that was covered enough for a complete mix CD. You would need 10-15 versions right? I am intensely curious.

If I could create the ultimate evil mix CD using that concept, I would want a thousand versions of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record).”

Rob @17

I don’t think its a compilation of just one song done over & over again, but a grouping of 80s songs that have been covered by other bands.

I’d love to see the list (I’m sure we all would) if it isn’t too much trouble for John or Natalie to post.

Thanks much!

Night Ranger? Journey? Mashed together into an endless loop?

I shudder to think of the malign literary influence One John Scalzi might exert over innocent Harley Jane.


The CD contains about 15 different versions of “The Final Countdown”. And I didn’t even come close to using all the ones available from iTunes. I am still in Columbus (and commenting from my phone), so don’t have the playlist handy, but there’s a Norwegian rockabilly version, a rap version, a weird German version, one with kazoos, and worst of all, an Italian operatic pop version which will make you want to kill yourself.

It was a ton of fun to put together–I was really surprised at the variety that was available, I was expecting mostly football anthem type stuff.

Also, it was my favorite song when I was 14 and I’m still rather fond of it.

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