Hey, Look, It’s the Weekend

And after all the traveling I’ve been doing this week, you know what? My brain has the consistency of oatmeal. I’m going to take the weekend to let it solidify again. See you on Monday.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

17 replies on “Hey, Look, It’s the Weekend”

JS – no rest for the weary. Still waiting for the follow on to the Old Man War series. Tide coming coming in – time to go fishing! Mas tarde.

Arrowroot is good for thickening without adding that raw flour taste to your brains…

But use sparingly, because there’s nothing worse than lumpy, seized brains.

At least oatmeal has some texture to it. I’ve had weeks that brain-gruel would be the most concise definition and describes a state of unmindness that espresso doesn’t even help.

Most of 1978 was that way but may have had more to do with being in college and the discovery of certain herbal products…

Back in 2006 and 2007, I was on the road 40% of the time, or an average of 2 days per week – so some of those were full weeks and an occasional over the weekend jaunt. It got old real fast, but I did come up with a good description of how you felt after getting home. . . . road-stupid.

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