One Of Those Small Ironies

It is: After being exiled from my office for the last couple of months and consequently doing most of my work on laptops or my netbook, I find that the full-size keyboard I’ve been using for my desktop computer feels really clunky and difficult to use. Part of that is that my fingers have gotten used to typing on keys that have less travel than my full-sized keyboard and consequently I’m dropping letters because I’m not pushing the full-sized keys all the way down. Part of it is now it also feels like the full-sized keys just stick, and it’s become a little aggravating to work with them.

The other irony is that now I’m finding the noise of the desktop to be sort of irritatingly loud: All those fans pushing air through the central chamber of the tower to cool the graphics cards, etc. It annoyed me enough that I just turned off the desktop and cracked open the netbook to write this. I suspect I’ll get over it at some point in the near future — probably when I want to kill some zombies again — but for the moment I’m enjoying the quiet, and the non-sticky keys.

Back Home

And you say, wha? I thought you were home! Indeed not — whilst you were not looking, the missus and I snuck into Michigan and attended Penguicon, at which a whole bunch of my friends just happened to be in attendance. We spent the weekend hanging out and chatting and eating and sleeping in late and setting cars on fire. All right, not so much with the last one. But everything else.

But now I’m done traveling for at least a couple of weeks, which is good because as it happens I have deadlines and lots of work. Easier to get that done when I’m not dragging my ass all across the North American continent. Not that my North American Ass Dragging Tour hasn’t been fun. But I’m ready not to go anywhere for a bit.