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And you say, wha? I thought you were home! Indeed not — whilst you were not looking, the missus and I snuck into Michigan and attended Penguicon, at which a whole bunch of my friends just happened to be in attendance. We spent the weekend hanging out and chatting and eating and sleeping in late and setting cars on fire. All right, not so much with the last one. But everything else.

But now I’m done traveling for at least a couple of weeks, which is good because as it happens I have deadlines and lots of work. Easier to get that done when I’m not dragging my ass all across the North American continent. Not that my North American Ass Dragging Tour hasn’t been fun. But I’m ready not to go anywhere for a bit.

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  1. Yeah, setting cars on fire is more of a college football kind of thing. Your Twitter exchange OddLetters yesterday gave us a bit of a clue that you weren’t at the Scalzi compound. Glad you had a good time. It’s nice to go out and not have to be “on” all the time. (At least I assume so – I’ve never been famous enough to have to try.)

  2. Perhaps not setting cars on fire, but I heard there was a trip to the range at some point during the con, so shooting things was definitely an option! :D

  3. Whoa! You were here in Michigan? How the heck did I miss that?

    Oh, well, hope you enjoyed all the rain. :)

  4. You snuck in there? Here I was going “I wish Scalzi was here,” and you WERE?
    There needs to be a Scalzi alarm at any convention.

  5. It was good to chat for a minute! I’m glad I finally remembered to bring my battered copy of OMW along for you to sign. I think if I came to a ConFusion or PenguiCon at this point and *didn’t* see you hanging out at the bar, I’d be like… “Where am I?!”

    It was a good con, though.

  6. Glad to hear you had a good time. If I had the funds I would have been at Pengicon to see Rothfuss and Hines. They seem like fun to hang out with. I do look forward to Phoenix Comicon this year!

  7. Sihaya #3: I can see the back of the tee with the heading “John Scalzi — Dragging My Ass All Over North America Tour” and the tour dates listed. But I can’t think what to put on the front. A bacon cat is just about passe’. Maybe do it in German, then we can put a spaceship shooting lasers on the front.

  8. I considered attending this year without any duties, but ended up on panels and presentations and such. I don’t mind participating, but I can see a certain charm to just hanging out. :)

    Indeed, you and your wife seemed quite content in the bar chit chatting. I may follow your lead next year…

  9. BtC @9:
    With a slight addition to the heading, the choice of artwork for the front becomes obvious.

    s/My Ass/My Rainbow-Farting Ass/

  10. So where were you?

    It’s funny, the Linux half of Penguicon monopolizes my time. I guess that makes sense, but it means I can’t do much science-fictiony (or just fun-having) stuff during the weekend.

    I only saw you once in passing, you were in the corner booth at the bar on Friday afternoon.

    If no one saw us together, maybe we’re really a Superman/Clark Kent sorta thing. I CALL DIBS ON SUPERMAN! :o)

  11. Dear Dad,

    I am glad U R back. I got ur email. I was on the furnichr but its not my fawlt. Is ghlaughghee’s fawlt. She made me do it with her brain. Pleeze to put bacon on her again.


  12. John, I was the “how would you feel about signing Metatropolis” guy in the dealer room. And while I appreciated that you technically assented to that, I sensed certain lack of enthusiasm at the prospect (or were you just thinking, “get a haircut, hippie”?). And it later became apparent whenever I caught sight of you that you really A Guy Having Fun with Friends, not An Author Hoping to be Accosted By Fans. So I redirected my author-hunting energies towards Tobias Buckell and Karl Schroeder for the time being–but you *owe* me, man.

    Glad you enjoyed Penguicon. Such a great con, year after year…even though it now means a ten-hour drive for me, I keep going.

  13. HEY! You’re not allowed to go to MY state without asking ME first! :P

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