Surprise Shower

See this picture? Pretty much ten minutes earlier, nothing but blue sky. The Midwest. Weather wise, it’s a little wacky. But as the girls will tell you, the wind was fun:

At least until the wall of rain hit. But by then we were all inside. Except the dog, whose chose that moment to go tromping through the muddy garden. Dogs. I’m telling you.

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  1. We got the same storm about 6 Eastern (we’re in central Indiana) and it finished the demolition on our old garage… The roof was already off, but now the walls are off the pad, too… And scattered over a couple of acres. Oops.

  2. That must be one fast moving storm, because it blew through Missoula, MT, here not one hour ago!

  3. Of course, every other dog in the neighborhood was cowering under the kitchen table.

    Anyway, the Midwest has nothing on New England in terms of wackiness. Parts of Vermont got a foot of snow early last week. These days? Temperatures in the 80’s. (Fahrenheit, that is. High 20’s for those of you with a sane measurement system.)

    “New England — don’t like the weather? Just wait a minute.”

  4. My dog (a little Shetland Sheepdog) loves the rain. The harder it is, the better.

    He will wait until the storm is at its worst, complete with apocalyptic floods and Zeus himself tromping across the landscape making a racket before scratching at the door to go out.

    Crazy canine.

  5. We had a nice storm front move through Boston this afternoon, it got surprisingly windy and dark. However where I sit in Somerville we only got a few drops as the front move through.

    I want a nice Mid-Western thunderstorm.

  6. Channel 7 had a big report on the storms. I wondered how much of it hit you guys.

    I understand Xenia got hammered again, too. I think I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.

  7. as someone who is constitutionally unable to address a dog in any way other than “Who’s a buddy? YOU ARE? YOU ARE???” I urge you to forgive Kodi’s water-and-soil-based transgressions.

  8. How is this for wackiness, here in the Sacramento Mountains of southern New Mexico, we had three inches of heavy wet snow on top of a layer of ice this morning. It was so slick out the state police closed the highway for a few hours. By the afternoon the temps were in the upper 60’s with a cool breeze, blue sky, and sunshine.

  9. Just a bit south of you and didn’t get much more than damn muddy damn paws. Oh, and one very muddy beard, because puddles always taste better than the stuff in clean water bowls.

  10. Fantastic family. Athena racing to hug ma’s? Just before Athen goes running to the salt mines? to pay for her bread and water?

    Nice picture.

  11. A couple of friends were at the Dayton Dragon’s ball game last night. They saw the clouds come in and circle the field a couple of times, like an alien ship, and then leave..only about 6 drops of rain. Global Wierding…

  12. yeah, that hit the MD/DC/NoVA area around 545 yesterday, I was driving to class and watched the wall of rain race toward me, it was like playing chicken with the weather

  13. @Bearpaw: same deal here in Edmonton.

    We had beautiful weather – wandering around in shorts and a T-shirt weather. Then this morning I woke up to an inch of snow in the yard, more falling down, and a horizontal tree. *sigh*

    At least this time we’re not trying to move someone in it…

    (and this is why the adage is to never plant your garden before the May long weekend!)

  14. It is for the this very reason that dogs A and B are currently forbidden from going on the grass in the garden, at least until the ground gets a little softer. It’s taken almost 5 months for the lawn to recover from autumn…

    I will be granting them access again shortly. In the mean time they can continue to kill the ivy.

  15. Currently almost 80 degrees here in SoCal- luckily Scalzi went home and took his weather with him. (of course, we may be wishing we had that rain pretty soon……)

  16. I love the midwest’s storms. I used to work outside during the summers, and loved watching the clouds roll in while the temperature dropped.

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