Signed First Editions of The God Engines Available

For as long as it takes for people to buy them all. They’re here.

Update: All gone! Unsigned copies still available.

The story of how they were discovered:

Prior to John Scalzi’s stealth appearance at a local sf con, Tim once again took up his rucksack and ventured into the Stygian darkness that is SubPress deep storage. This time, he religiously followed his handwritten Zork map, and rather than being eaten by a ghoul, Tim emerged with a box of new first edition trade hardcovers of Scalzi’s acclaimed dark fantasy novella, The God Engines.

We have a limited supply of them at cover price, available via the online store. (Once we’re sold out, we’ll change the edition’s designation to “unsigned, later printing”). So if you’re interested in a collectible copy of this award-nominated excursion into generally non-Scalzi-like territories, now’s your chance.

We’re pretty sure there are no more boxes of first editions to be discovered, so this really is it. If you want one, you better make this your impulse buy for the day.

22 Comments on “Signed First Editions of The God Engines Available”

  1. Makes me wonder what else is in Subterranean’s vaults. The Ark of the Covenant? Excalibur? I’d pay good money for Excalibur signed by John Scalzi.

  2. I’d gloat about snatching one up, except I’m probably one of the few folks here who doesn’t already have a copy.

  3. Hey, I’ve got the first numbered first-edition copy, so I couldn’t be happier. Beautiful cover, wonderfully dark story, and a great addition to my library. :)

    Any thoughts on further exploring this universe, John?

  4. D’oh-d’oh!

    Turns out, each time I tried to place an order and got server error, it actually was placing the order. I’ve emailed Sub-press that I really don’t need 4 copies, just one. Don’t wanna’ be greedy!

  5. Sweet! That totally made my day. I hadn’t bought the book yet, and now to get a signed first edition hardcover? That rocks!

    Now I’ll have to figure out what _other_ Scalzi book to bring to WootStock in Mpls. this summer…

  6. Grrrrr….That server error is annoying. I almost tried again, until I saw gilmoure @ #10. I just hope that everything did, in fact, process correctly. I’ve already got a copy, but I’m planning on giving this as a b-day gift.

  7. @Dan #14. After getting the server error, check your email; should have an order confirmation there. Seems to go out within a few seconds of placing order.

  8. Heck, I only clicked through to the comments to make sure that that particular something wrong on the internet had been pointed out. Like I needed to worry.

  9. no, I meant enabler. He is enabling me to get a cripplingly high credit card bill.

  10. I don’t know if it’s still true, but as recently as last month the U of Washington bookstore still had a few copies of the sgd/#’d/ltd edition available. (I bought two.)

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